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The Unitized Valuation and Reporting Services (UVRS) division determines Net Asset Values (NAV) for Defined Contribution plans such as 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans and public funds on a daily basis. Most of the group’s clients are large corporate relationships with portfolios containing equities, mutual funds, derivatives and fixed income securities. In addition to analyzing and auditing participant investment options, UVRS produces monthly and annual portfolio statements as well as 5500 reporting to clients and the Department of Labor.

Evaluate, analyze and reconcile Mutual Funds and separately managed funds for production of client month-end reports and to determine the Net Asset Value (NAV) on a daily basis for Defined Contribution plans such as 401(k) plans, profit sharing plan, Public funds, etc. Analyze impact of Investment Manager trading activity on the investment portfolio returns and market value. Also, audit income posting, accruals, and corporate actions –all within scheduled time frames. Perform exception resolution of cash, holdings, and price variances and any activity in the investment accounts.


This is an entry-level position with the great career path opportunities. Candidate should be willing to learn and adapt to change, have the ability to work in a team environment, and have a basic conceptual understanding of the financial markets. 

Analytical skills and Organizational skills are required to research and resolve inquiries within scheduled timeframes to meet client deadlines. Attention to Detail and Multiple Tasking skills are required to value the funds in a timely and accurate manner. Ability to absorb and retain information and work in a Fast Paced environment to meet deadlines while maintaining accuracy is critical.

Major Duties

Work as part of a team to meet client deadlines and expectations by auditing and providing the daily Net Asset Value, monthly and annual client portfolio reporting, and annual 5500 reporting, which includes the following:

  • Determine Net Asset Value (NAV) for defined contribution plans on a daily basis.
  • Evaluate and reconcile funds including mutual, benchmark, commingled, and collective for production of client month-end reports for daily valuation.
  • Analyze the impact of transactions, income positions, accruals, and corporate actions on the portfolio investment options.
  • Audit and resolve exceptions on assigned accounts according to procedures and within scheduled timeframes.
  • Assist in the timely preparation of portfolio statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and performance standards.
  • Record and respond to partner and client inquiries resolving exceptions related to accounts.


Bachelor’s degree in Business/Finance/Accounting preferred or relevant work experience in Fund Accounting or Mutual Fund Accounting. Excel skills and usage of a Macro/Access is plus. Experience in Sun-Guard Systems (Invest-One) is a plus.

Two shifts one more standard business hours and the other is 10:30am -7pm