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Lockin is posting on behalf of KE Holdings.





“1. Cooperate with the product, R&D, and other teams, participate in the establishment of the data indicator system, participate in the construction of the data indicator caliber, and participate in the entire process of collecting, processing, analyzing, and building the information visualization statistical platform;

2. Monitor business data, warn and interpret business, data, and content abnormalities, and participate in the entire business decision-making process of locating problems, analyzing problems, and proposing solutions;

3. Collect and analyze industry-related information and data.”






5、熟悉 Excel 操作,了解 PPT/Word 操作,了解脑图软件操作;

6、有信息可视化项目经历、Echarts 经验、进阶 SQL 技能、Python 技能加分。

“1. Bachelor degree or above, computer, statistics, and other related majors are preferred;

2. Have a basic framework of thinking, be able to sort out and merge daily problems, try to find the essence of the problem, and find a unified solution;

3. Sensitive to data, sensitive to details, and sensitive to changes;

4. Good at observation and learning, with excellent logical thinking skills, expression skills, communication and coordination skills;

5. Familiar with Excel operation, understand PPT/Word operation, understand brain mapping software operation;

6. Information visualization project experience, Echarts experience, advanced SQL skills, Python skills to add points.