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Teaching Position (2020-2021 ) at Marietta City Schools

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Employer: Marietta City Schools

Expires: 07/27/2020

Position Title:   Teacher   District WideJob Classification:   Certified Position: 190 day employee   FLSA Status: ExemptResponsible To:   School PrincipalResponsible For:Practicing the teaching profession according to the highest ethical standards and accepting the responsibility he/she has assumed by choosing a career in educationMajor Responsibilities:Demonstrates an understanding of the curriculum, subject content, pedagogical knowledge and needs of students.Demonstrates deep and current knowledge of curriculum standards and subject matter.Displays an understanding of the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of the age group.Exhibits strong pedagogical skills relevant to the curriculum and implements research-based best practices.Plans using state and district standards and curricula, data, effective strategies and resources to meet the needs of all students.Analyzes and uses data to inform instruction.Develops course, unit and daily integrated plans that are logical and sequential.Plans for instruction to meet the needs of all students.Uses research-based instructional strategies to engage students in active learning.Effectively uses instructional technology.Develops higher order thinking and problem-solving skills.Engages students in authentic learning.Provides appropriate content and skill development which address individual learning differences.Demonstrates high learning expectations for all students commensurate with their developmental levels.Uses data to differentiate instructional content, process, product and learning environment to meet individual student needs.Selects a variety of diagnostic, formative and summative assessment strategies that are valid and appropriate.Develops, aligns, and modifies student assessment with established standards and curriculum as well as developmental levels and needs of students.Gathers, analyzes and uses relevant data to measure student progress and inform instruction.Engages in ongoing communication and shares instructional goals, expectations, and student progress with students and families in a timely and constructive manner.Uses various formal and informal assessment for diagnostic, formative, and summative purposes to inform, guide and adjust instruction.Provides a safe, well-managed environment that is conducive to learning.Models caring, fairness, respect and enthusiasm for learning.Promotes respect for and understanding for students’ diversity.Promotes a climate of trust and teamwork in the classroom.Creates a student centered academic environment in which teaching and learning occur at high levels and students are self-directed learners.Provides academic rigor, encourages critical and creative thinking, with relevant and appropriately challenging materials and assignments.Encourages students to explore new ideas and take academic risks.Exhibits a commitment to professional ethics and the school’s mission.Participates in professional growth opportunities to support student learning.Carries out duties in accordance with federal and state laws, Code of Ethics and established state and local school board policies.Maintains professional demeanor and behavior.Respects and maintains confidentiality.Participates in ongoing professional learning and implements new learning in the classroom environment.Communicates effectively with students, parents or guardians, district and school personnel and other stakeholders in ways that enhance student learning.Collaborates with colleagues and community to reach educational goals.Creates a climate of accessibility for students and parents.Listens and responds with cultural awareness, empathy and understanding to stakeholders.Models in use precise language, correct vocabulary and grammar and appropriate forms of oral and written communication.Qualifications:Education:Qualified candidates must hold, or be eligible to hold, a Georgia teaching certificate.Advanced degree preferred.Experience:Successful teaching experienceSkills, Knowledge, Abilities:Knowledge in subject area and ability to present accurate informatio.nAbility to use acceptable teaching procedures and methods.Demonstrates interpersonal relationship skills.Knowledge of child growth and development.Ability to make long range plans by adherence to curriculum guides.Ability to complete and follow acceptable plans.Exhibits competency in use of English language both written and oral.Ability to diagnose student strengths or weaknesses in cognitive areas.Ability to diagnose deficiencies, inadequacies, and strengths of student in affective domain.Demonstrates adequate self-control.Uses sound judgment.Maintains appearance appropriate to the occasion in contacts with students, parents, staff and community. Application Procedures:Applicants are asked to request a minimum of three (3) confidentially submitted electronic reference surveys via the online application process and provide copies of all content assessment results (GACE, Praxis II or other tests required for teacher certification), valid teaching certificates and college transcripts. Note:For details regarding teacher certification visit the website for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, Out of state candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for Georgia certification.Nondiscrimination Statement:The Board of Education of the City of Marietta does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, or gender in its employment practices, student programs and dealings with the public.