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Supply Chain Co-Op (Fall 2020) at Unilever

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Employer: Unilever

Expires: 04/06/2020

Description: This position supports: 1) the inventory/waste reduction efforts across the NA MCO 2) Supports inventory forecasting and key SC planning metrics for the Opex Insights and Analytics Team and 3) Will support the standardization of current processes/reporting to a new golden standard. This role is responsible for providing insights through engagement with the category teams, communicating progress, and supporting continuous improvement efforts.  Reduction in complexity/inventory will allow the organization to reinject cash into the business and pursue and support further growth for the organization. Effective leadership in this position will require educating others on the importance of effective inventory management, leveraging capabilities and best practices, translating actions into impact.Description of the Co-op’s project work responsibilities and daily requirements, along with specific goals and stretch goals.Daily Responsiblities (approximately 50% of role)-       Own OR Site Scorecard Report and send out weekly to team-       Assist with inventory tracking for the month and full year in the F&R business-       Assist with F&R planning teams to ensure we are maintaining the proper inventory levels-       Assist in Weekly/Monthly OpEx Reportingo  Foods Inventory Stock Tracker Updateo  Weekly BI Pullso  Waste Exposure Commentaryo  Waste Loss Tree Updatingo  Waste Risk Meeting Pre-Reads-       Assist in updating CCBT Waste/Service/Inventory Data and Graphs-       Collect notes during Inventory Touchpoint NotesProject Work (approximately 50% of role)-       Attainment & OR reporting-       Assist with inventory projections for month to go and year to go-       Report consolidation-       Predictive Waste Project:o  Gain understanding of Waste Loss Tree, Business Waste and Provision Processo  Meet with cross functional OpEx teams to gain understanding of how they manage wasteo  Meet with Business Waste and Finance to discuss current Provision Protocolso  Create dashboard to estimate waste for upcoming months based off when products hit DCN/expired and rolling 3 month QA and Logistics Wasteo  Partner with cross-functional teams to make tool cross functionalo  Incorporate dashboard into Waste Exposure Meetings-       Automation or KPI Reporting Projects: DOMO and Data Lakeo  Assist in Data Validations of phase 1 of Data Lakeo  Lead trainings and implementation of phase 1 of Data Lakeo  Lead validations of DOMO ILT-       Implement standard WAC calculation methodology across Foods Planning Team-       Assist in DDMRP ProjectPlease list required training that will be provided to student:* Intro to the Foods & refreshments Team* Monthly Cadence* Introduction to OpEx & Standards of Excellence* Key Metrics (Service, Bias, Inventory, Waste) -aka PDP* S&OP OverviewNA Business Waste 101 [Video]* Supply Chain Indirects (SCI)* Obsoletes, Liquidations, Unsaleables* AOA, SMOG, SOMG It* Business Waste vs Plant Waste* Sustainable Living/USLPBattle Plan Framework (Planning, Logistics, Quality)Waste Loss Tree* Technical background* What information can I find?* General Ledger Accounts / Movement Types* Ways of working with OpExProvisions* What is a Provision and impact to Unilever* When do they get reviewed?* Provision Rules and background* $XXMM – Write Off Tracker Integration with SAP* $XXMM – WMS Integration with Quality Tracker Tool  a) Phase I: JDA Integration (Dry DC/US Ambient)  b) Phase II: Non JDA SitesCI Projects & Waste Bridges* Inventory 101* Impact to Working Capital* Managing “Others” (Provisions, In Transits)* Intro to the Dashbaord* Intro to Stocks Loss Trees, MatDI, Stocked Bar Charts, Sumbiting Projections* Intro to the Foods Stocks Tracker* ABC Analysis/SKU RAT/Cash release initiatives* MIO Safety Stock Optimization Tool* Stock Policy Tool* Recipe for Success Workshops* APO BasicsInventory – Foods Stocks TrackerInventory – BI CubeInventory – Master File for TedInventory – ABC AnalysisWaste – Write-Off Tracker [Video]Waste – Loss TreeWaste – Battle Plan ScorecardOneDrive, Sharepoint, TeamsPDPs/MyR/Evaluation formsOpEx Job ProfilesInteraction with Excellence Teams: Service Excellence, Reporting & Analysis, Business Excellence, Logistics OpExTraining Program (Videos)Data LakeRPA’sWaste Revamp – SMOG, AOA, Invneotory Helath ReportFST