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Summer Intern – Copywriter_DAL at RAPP

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Employer: RAPP

Expires: 04/17/2020

Summer Intern – Copywriterat RAPP Internship (View all jobs)Dallas, TexasWHO WE ARE:We think too much marketing isn’t us. It’s mass markets not audiences of one. Homogenous groups to be targeted, not individuals to be inspired. Segments to reach, not people with their own ideas and ambitions. It’s one size fits all and it’s dull.When it comes to individuals, we’re fierce. We stand up for individuality. We speak up against bland, broad-brush generalizations. We fight for solutions that adapt to the individual’s needs, beliefs, behaviors and aspirations. And we commit to doing this in every aspect of our work for clients and their consumers.We actively foster an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual difference are valued and leveraged to achieve the agency’s vision. And most importantly we value every individual’s well being.We are Fiercely Individual.HOW WE DO IT:At RAPP we are fiercely focused on the individual and how we can create value from every individual’s experience with a brand. We do this across three capability areas: customer-centric consulting, creativity that inspires action and customer experience management.Our data analysts know who that person is. Our strategists understand what they want. And our award-winning Technologists and Creatives know how to get it to them.RAPP is an integral part of Omnicom’s Precision Marketing Group, comprising 4,000 creatives, technologists, strategists, and data and marketing scientists across 40 global markets. THE INTERNSHIP:In this 10-week program, our interns will work on client business (roughly 75% of time) and participate in an open-brief creative project (roughly 25% of time). Interns will support teams on the day-to-day client business (varied by department). Additionally, they will develop a collaborative creative project centered on a real-world problem. Each team will receive the appropriate resources, including mentors, to accomplish their goal and complete assignments. Our interns are sharp, and can think both strategically and creatively no matter what discipline they’re assigned to.When you are part of the Creative department, you have two main jobs. Come up with cool stuff, and sell that cool stuff. Getting the job done depends on your specific Creative role below:COPYWRITER INTERN RESPONSIBILITIES:Use strong ideation and conceptual thinking that aligns with brief.Present and sell work internally while demonstrating a thoughtful POV.Execute creative concepts within a team environment (with an art director) for both digital and traditional media channels.Follow directions and assist the Creative department.Demonstrate excellence in writing/storytelling and exceptional attention to detail.Expertise in self-editing and spell checking any grammatical errors.Proficiency in Microsoft Word is a requirement.Basic understanding of Acrobat, Keynote and PowerPoint is a plus.Basic knowledge and awareness for design.Never leave your art director behind. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES:Collaborate and clearly communicate with agency team members across departments and roles.Bring enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and a professional approach to all tasks and problem-solving.Be willing to learn and take direction and constructive criticism.Be ready to give supportive arguments and voice your opinion.Be proactive, ready to take initiative and able to lead other team members.Pitch creative project ideas.Brainstorm and research marketing opportunities for an open-brief creative project.Be willing to learn RAPP processes and tools to ensure quality control and efficiencies.Be highly organized and attentive to detail.Be able to multitask and manage projects as assigned within a given timeline.Possess a desire to keep up on current cultural trends.Tackle other assigned duties. Be ready for anything!REQUIREMENTS:Applicants must be one of the following:A current full-time student who is within one year of earning an undergraduate degree when applying for the programA current full-time graduate studentA former student who graduated Fall 2019 or after Must be able to show proof of legal work authorization to participate in a 10-week internship in the United States prior to the start of the internship. Internships will not be sponsored by RAPP.Must have demonstrated proficiency speaking and writing in the English language.Must possess good writing skills and the ability to recognize grammatical and factual errors.Must have a strong interest and/or experience in marketing/advertising.