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Software Engineer Intern, Android at Alibaba Group

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Employer: Alibaba Group

Expires: 05/31/2020

Responsibilities 1. Be responsible for architecture design and development of mobile apps and SDK products.2. Continuously improvde mobile client products, optimize application performance and enhance user experience based on data metrics.3. Resolve software compatibility issues across various device types and provide further targeted tuning and optimization.4. Independently responsible for Android/iOS technical challenges, solving various technical and user experience problems caused by system limitations.5. Explore and validate new trends in mobile technology. Preferred Qualifications1.BSc or MSc in Computer Science or related field with solid basic skills, proficiency in computer system structure, and knowledges including algorithms, networks, databases, computer security, etc.2. Deep understanding in mobile app feature engineering, independent development of APP, and experienced in participating the development cycle of large APP.3. Familiar with the Android SDK crafting and delivering process, as well as related tools.4. Deep understanding in Android platform API, experience in Android OS source code reading is preferred.5. In addition to Android, development experience in other technical stacks is a plus. (Front-end skills, script skills, e.g.).6. ACM / OI and other algorithm background, familiar with low-level frameworks & systems (JVM / Android ROM / Linux / Flutter, etc.), and deep understanding in industrial technologies (picture codec / machine learning, etc.) is a plus.7. Agile thinker, can deal with all kinds of complex programming problems, and quickly give solutions.Meanwhile, we hope you:1. Strong learning capacity, an inquiring mind, and outstanding adaptability;2. Proven ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups towards a common goal;3. Highly passionate about your field of expertise. Capable of critical thinking and self-reflection;4. Stay positive and believe there are always more solutions than difficulties;