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Software Engineer at ProfeTech

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Employer: ProfeTech

Expires: 06/01/2020

We are a diverse and globally minded enterprise software start-up building our core development and implementation teams in London, UK and Kigali, Rwanda. We are looking for people who see problems as opportunities and want to have a meaningful impact.Knowledge Is TransformingProfeTech was founded to transform the way organizations drive business value through their relationships with external providers. We are building a globally-minded enterprise software company from our locations in London and Kigali, in pursuit of our mission to make business-to-business knowledge and technology services transparent and to create more opportunity globally for non-traditional providers, including those in under-appreciated markets.We believe that enabling organizations to better understand themselves, their providers, and their relationships will empower them to be more innovative in how they secure the capabilities they need to drive business value, be it lawyers, accountants, or data visualization software.We are developing in Africa because we believe globally relevant technology can be built anywhere, as long as you have a team of motivated and capable problem-solvers. And Africa is filled with motivated and capable problem-solvers.What We DoProfeTech is transforming relationships by building enterprise software backed by a robust data infrastructure. Our software helps organizations:Better use data they already have to understand their relationships in areas such as provider spend, as well as effectively pursue new relationships.Enrich this baseline understanding with data distributed across external sources so that they can more fully understand providers from a diversity of perspectives, be it funding levels, staff diversity, or cybersecurity risk.Improve communication with providers, such as more effectively capturing and communicating organization priorities or provider feedback.The Roles We HaveEnabling organizations to get more from their providers will not be easy. It involves solving a diverse range of technical and human-interaction problems. We are looking for candidates with distinct strengths in any of a range of skillsets, including but not limited to:Front-End/Back-End/Full-Stack developmentData EngineeringData ScienceData StrategyReliability EngineeringHuman-Computer interactionUser-Centered designProduct or Project Management…The Problems We FaceWe are looking for a diverse range of skills because of the diverse range of challenges we face, including:Needing to look beyond a specific problem to identify the structural challenges that lead to the problem, then develop solutions that do more than just solve the problem, but improve the structures.Empowering users who may doubt their ability to use data. We aim to empower people across organizations with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.Developing new approaches to augment human decision-making with machine learning and AI.Working effectively with clients throughout the world, either in-person or remotely.Creating products of the highest quality, that are both functional and beautiful.Figuring out creative ways to break down ambiguous, complicated relationship and decision-making dynamics.Identifying the missing data in purchaser/provider relationships and developing strategies to collect what does not currently exist.Building upon and helping to expand the tech and innovation community in Rwanda, and East Africa more broadly.Guiding, mentoring, and growing talented individuals from a range of backgrounds.Potential ResponsibilitiesNo two people will do the same thing. The problems will be evolving, people will have ownership of problems that they are best suited to solve, and different people will solve the same problem in different ways. Here are just a few responsibilities we envision across the various roles we are hiring for:Working closely with users to identify decisions and workflows that would benefit from better access to and use of data.Creating integration, workflow, and product strategies to make data more available to users when they need it for the purposes they need it for.Helping to define early product concepts, including scoping out high-level workflows and specific users actions.Designing elegant and intuitive workflows and front-ends that resonate with a range of users.Retrieving, cleaning, and transforming distributed data into an intuitive and actionable format.Mapping business concepts to underlying data and structures in order to identify gaps, issues, and opportunities.Automating processes where possible and designing systems for new implementations, administering Cloud and Hybrid-deployments and maintaining database platforms.Review architecture and security on complex products, identifying vulnerabilities and deploying solutions.Develop and test hypotheses on how we can have a positive impact on the local tech ecosystem.Establish partnerships with local universities to provide project, internship, and full-time opportunities for current and graduating students.Design and deliver workshops on topics you understand uniquely to staff, clients, and the community.What We ValueYou look at problems and see opportunity.You have the ability to think about ways to break down complex problems and solve them.You are collaborative and aware that we all need others to succeed and that the best products are those informed and built from a diverse set of perspectives.You look forward to working with people from different backgrounds.You are curious and seek opportunities to learn more about the things you are good at, as well as those things that you are not.You take pride in your writing, be it a market research paper, documentation, or code.You are undaunted by ambiguity.You prefer being responsible for owning a challenge and empowered to overcome it rather than being told what to do.The Best Version Of YouWe understand that people come from a variety of background and experiences. In hiring we try to understand what the ‘best version’ of a person looks like and then assess if that best version aligns with what we are trying to do as a company. We believe that innovative products are built by diverse teams who are each individually superstars at what they do. This does not mean you need a perfect resume that checks all the boxes, but that you understand yourself and the types of environments in which you thrive.We want you to tell us about things that make you outstanding: any passions, skills or hobbies you have, or any unique challenges or obstacles you have overcome. Did you participate in the math olympiads? Were you the first person in your family to attend university? Are you quietly an excellent artist? Have you managed a complex household, getting kids to school and the family fed? Do you have a side-business or project that you work on at night?Whatever it is that makes you who you are, we are interested!APPLY