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Rotational Development Program (RDP) at Weber Metals, Inc

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Employer: Weber Metals, Inc

Expires: 06/30/2020

Rotational Development Program Ultipro Code: RDP                                                          Ultipro Code: SAFENGPurpose:The objective of the rotational program is to develop a deeper understanding of the business flow of all operations and communication within the Company. Exposure from this program will allow the candidate to obtain a broader understanding of the organizational dynamics and critical functions provided throughout the entire company. The expectation is that upon completion of the entire rotation, the candidate will be better equipped and prepared to operate from a more strategic perspective and to work collaboratively in any department they are assigned. This program will be one of many sources from which the organization expects to draw our future leaders and innovators.Summary:The position participates in a structured rotational program where you will receive the exposure and hands on training necessary to advance and add value throughout your career. You will be required to participate in the following departments as part of your rotation: Sales & Supply Chain; Manufacturing; Quality & Metallurgy; Design Engineering; Plant Engineering & Maintenance; Finance; HR & Safety. Major Job Expectations:As a key member of the Weber Metals team, your duties will include, but not be limited to demonstrating:The importance of the Weber Metals Safety Policy to the success of the company The importance of the Weber Metals Quality Policy to the success of the company The knowledge and awareness of the Weber Metals Environmental Policy The knowledge and awareness of the Weber Metals Business Management System Working in a cross-functional team environment to meet targeted goals & objectivesSpecific RDP Related Requirements:Ø Attend industry seminars/conferences – provide trip reports to demonstrate participation and to report on new informationØ Submit weekly logs no later than 9:00 am each Monday for the previous weeks’ activities. The logs should:o  Describe work activities during the development period & how they are related to the RDP program academicallyo  Identify accomplishments & challengeso  Describe what problems arose, were solved & which continuedo  Share any issues or concerns that need to be addressedØ Submit end of assignment report during the final week of each rotation to summarize the specific rotation experience. The report should include:o  Key lessons learnedo  How the knowledge gained could be useful/integrated in future rotationsØ Submit a final report at the end of the RDP experience during the final week of the rotation. The report should include:o  A summary of the projects completed during each department rotationo  Lessons learned & obstacles overcome during the rotationo  The most valuable take away from the entire experienceo  How the experience could have been strengthened/more meaningfulØ Present a completed (strategic, long term, Weber Gold or forging) project to the executive team summarizing the project using the DMAIC process at the end of the rotation prior to graduation.RDP Rotation & Responsibilities (Total Rotation Duration = 24 months):1 Month (4 weeks): Production Control & HR Orientation. Ø Production Control rotationo  Understand and utilize the scheduling systemo  Create & manage the release of jobs to the shop§ Consider work center capabilities/capacities/constraints & raw material availabilityØ Learn the Theory of Constraints methodology, including Lean Manufacturingo  Read “The Goal”o  Participate in Quality/Lean trainingØ Complete the orientation/on-boarding programo  Review all Safety videos and pass the on-line trainingo  Become familiar with the Weber Metals policies & procedureso  Participate in a leadership development programØ Receive individual project assignment associated with:o  long term/strategic planningo  Weber Goldo  Shop forging4 Months (16 weeks): Sales and Supply Chain.Ø Understand contract review processØ Understand and implement Weber’s pricing principleso  Manage 1 “for quote” processo  Build justifications for 1 pricing quoteØ Support Inside Sales Reps (ISR)o  Entering sales orders for customer POs & internal forecast orderso  Creation of job status reports for customerso  Participation in customer visit(s) to better understand customer demands/capabilitiesØ Coordinate 1 – 2 new product try-outs through the entire process ensuring schedule is maintainedØ Complete 1 – 2 comprehensive reports for presentation to the Sales Department. Topics may include portfolio management, product/program desirability, pricing policy recommendations, etc.Ø Shadow Regional Sales Manager for 1 week4 Months (16 weeks): Design Engineering.Ø Create quote models & drawingsØ Design tooling for 1 closed die forgingØ Learn & incorporate Simulation software into forging designØ Support Plant Engineering with design of facility projectsØ Coordinate with and provide detailed instructions to subcontractors for the order of die steel, die sinking services, and other machining requirementsØ Plan open and closed die forging productso  Consider required % of work, work center capabilities/capacities/constraints, and quality/metallurgical requirementsØ Process the review and disposition of master control documents in support of new technical documents or Engineering Change documentsØ Understand the process routing procedures and requirementsØ Participate in 1 – 2 estimating exercises4 Months (16 weeks): Manufacturing.Ø Learn about hand forging concepts for final product and preformso  Understanding Weber’s capabilities in determining most desirable forging typesØ Manage 1 – 2 new die forging product tryoutso  Coordinate design and simulations activities with Design Engineeringo  Document the try-out process, manage the forging through to Quality for First Article creation, release the try-out to productionØ Identify and complete a minimum of 4 job/process improvements (1 must have a safety focus)Ø Identify process improvement projects for the physical shop (fixtures, templates, racks, etc.)o  Manage projects by coordinating and negotiating with subcontractors for design requirements & specifications, prices and lead times.Ø Become familiar with the Engineering Change Request (ECR) workflow system and understand the impact on Works in Process (WIP) and configuration controlØ Refine leadership activities by delegating and following-up on tasks4 Months (16 weeks): Plant Engineering & Maintenance.Ø Participate in project management/planningo  Work with contractorso  Plan to executiono  Manage 1 – 2 capital expenditure projectsØ Participate in 1 – 2 environmental or safety focused projects/activitiesØ Assist in activities during a holiday shut downØ Design a structureØ Learn the functionality of at least one type of equipmentØ Shadow a maintenance employee for 2 weeks4 Months (16 weeks): Quality & Metallurgy.Ø Understand the information required to certify forgingso  Learn how to complete a First Article Packageo  Witness, monitor and collect process records for First Article forgingsØ Understand basic NDT activities such as Ultrasonic & Penetrant conceptsØ Understand spec review & the implications on the Manufacturing processesØ Understand the difference between the CMM, Romer PCCM & GOMØ Understand how a forging is evaluated and compared to print/model and determination of ‘best-fit’Ø Learn the audit preparation procedures and requirementsØ Collect/analyze/submit data as requestedØ Understand Weber’s heat treat and lab testing capabilitieso  Learn the importance of different heat treat processes & their impact to material propertieso  Witness heat treating & testing both in-house and at supplier siteso  Learn the importance of different heat treat & testing process for both aluminum and titaniumo  Monitor forging, heat treat and testing operationso  Create heat treat plans and test planso  Assist the test lab with in-house testing activities as well as coordinating outside testingo  Conduct 1 -2 comprehensive reports to present to the department (heat transfer studies, testing trends, SPC, etc)Ø Coordinate ECR workflows for the departmentØ Update Plex test recordsØ Investigate metallurgical failures & work with metallurgists to determine solutionsØ Correlate/study test failures to process parameters and run ‘R&D’ studies to optimize process parametersØ Create work instructions as necessaryØ Review customers’ material and heat treatment specification and create summaries2 Months (8 weeks): Finance & IT.Ø Basic finance educationo  Cost accounting methodso  T, I, OEo  Financial reporting process including month end closingo  General financial statementsØ Capital expenditures/planningo  Financial forecasts in support of capital, product and strategy decisionso  Operational plans & budgetsØ Business strategy from financial perspectiveØ Understand the ERP and SAP business integration project2 Months (8 weeks): Human Resources & Safety.Ø Assist in the coordination of training activities including,o  Technical training such as CATIA, Deform, Blueprint Reading, etco  Mandatory training such as TOC, Harassment Prevention, etco  Developmental training such as Front Line Leadership, Situational Leadership, etcØ Participate in the safety awareness programo  Through participation in the investigation team activitieso  Assist in the creation and completion of 1 Job Safety Analysis (JSA)o  Conduct 1 safety auditØ Become familiar with headcount and workforce tracking activities/metricsQualifications:Ability to see the ‘big picture’ & exhibit strategic thinking abilityDemonstrate an ability to solve problemsStrong communication skills (verbal & written) & presentation skillsEffective time management& multi-tasking abilitiesPositive attitude & demonstration of responsibility, self-motivation & independent learning Education:Bachelor’s degree in any discipline