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Robotic Motion Planner Engineering Intern at Universal Real Time Power Conversion, LLC

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Employer: Universal Real Time Power Conversion, LLC

Expires: 06/19/2020

We are looking for a Robotic Motion Planning Engineering Intern who will work round the year as a part time or full time basis and the position may be converted to a full time position when the candidate graduates from the school. A PhD/MS/BS student may apply. Candidate must have some exposure in Motion Planning of Robots such as RRT method, PRM method. Exposure with antire robotic system and its control will be desired. The experience in embedded coding with FPGA, microprocessor, CPU etc will be a plus. Exposure in C, C++, VHDL or Verilog, Python will be desired. Exposure in Matlab/Simulink will be a given a priority.During academic months the out of state student can work remotely on part time basis. The day to day job will be doing research on different motion planning schemes of robots and implement schemes in C/MATLAB.