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Quantitative researcher at Lockin

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Employer: Lockin

Expires: 05/31/2020

Amber Group commissioned Lockin to collect and screen resumes. Lockin is the largest overseas’ recruiting platform in China.For more detail about the job position, please apply through: Description:• responsible for research, development and continuous optimization of HFT strategies• strategy research, backtest, deployment, and risk control in a 24/7 trading environment• optimize internal database, visual risk control system and back test platform• work closely with other teams to handle other transaction related quantitative work• online evaluation is requiredPosition Requirements:• bachelor degree or above in mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, etc• solid mathematical statistics and programming skills• experience in data analysis• independent research experience in developing HFT strategies• fluent in Chinese• prefer candidates with interest in cryptocurrency/blockchainAmber Group is a trading and technology company. We combine in-depth quantitative research with leading fintech to build a variety of quantitative trading systems, trading service processes and trading tools. We trade and provide liquidity in cryptocurrencies and their derivatives, trading over billions of dollars a month. We provide full-stack financial services to the world’s largest exchanges, mining pools, wallets, token issuers and hedge funds. We are positioning ourselves as a technology-based financial services company in the forward-looking world of fusion trading and technology. We are the market leader in the pricing, trading and hedging of highly complex cryptocurrency derivatives, handling more than $100 billion in transactions since 2018. The company currently has more than 100 employees in Hong Kong, shenzhen, Seoul and vancouver. The founding management team is from Morgan Stanley, Goldman sachs, Bloomberg and other international institutions, with years of accumulated quantitative trading, financial services and financial technology expertise.The smart, hard-working, passionate team made Amber what it is today. Our company can provide a world-class technology infrastructure and research team, while remaining unconstrained by formality, sensitive to changes in the market and industry, and maintaining the same spirit when we first started. We always welcome partners with the spirit of exploration, independent thinking and curiosity to join us.Location: Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, or Vancouver.Join us and you will get:☆ Entry to enjoy five social insurance and one housing fund.☆ Salary adjustment opportunity at least once a year.☆ Annual physical examination, monthly league building activities.☆ in the peer competitive compensation and welfare treatment, providing project awards, performance awards, year-end bonuses, etc.☆ If you’re a foody, Amber has delicious snacks and drinks to cheer you up.