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Overseas logistics at Lockin

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Employer: Lockin

Expires: 05/31/2020

Sunda International commissioned Lockin to collect and screen resumes. Lockin is the largest overseas’ recruiting platform in China.For more detail about the job position, please apply through: Description:Follow-up development: overseas warehouse manager, overseas transportation managerMajor: logistics, French, Spanish and other languagesThe Position Requirements:Main working place:(East Africa) Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, ZambiaGhana, Senegal, cote d ‘ivoire, CameroonThe overseas post is a permanent post, and one month paid leave is required after 12 months abroad.Founded in 2000, Sunda International is headquartered in guangzhou, China. It has more than 8,000 employees both at home and abroad, with trading branches and manufacturing plants in more than 20 countries in Africa and Latin America. After 20 years of hard work, the company has become a comprehensive multinational group integrating overseas independent brand research, production and marketing, international trade and industrial investment. The main industries are FMCG products (daily washing, personal care, baby products), building materials products (ceramic products, sanitary ware), hardware products (steel, hardware, daily necessities). Sunda International occupies the leading position in “The Belt and Road”. Thanks to the broad market prospect and the continuous efforts of the people of Sunda International, they have entered the fast track of development, its business volume continues to grow at a high speed, and it is making continuous progress towards the realization of “multi-billion multinational group” in 3 years.What can you get out of joining Sunda International?☆ Rapid Growth — broad market prospects, efforts to have the effect of “twice the result with half the effort”, Chinese staff are assigned to management, and could become team leaders in a short period of time;☆ International vision — the group’s global layout enables enables the Chinese managers to be in touch with local elites and then grow into true “International” talents;☆ Achievements — the group has a Backbone Shareholding Plan. Therefore along with the rapid growth of the group, employees can also be rewarded with rich returns.