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Overseas Business Teacher at Sias University

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Employer: Sias University

Expires: 07/01/2020

Business Majors, we are hiring!We are looking to hire 3 qualified Business background teachers. Masters Degree or 4+ years of business experience preferred. Higher salary for higher degrees. 
This is a great opportunity for recent graduates who have a heart for traveling, mentoring students, touching lives, and to discover a career as an educator in Asia! If you like what you see in our get to know us videos, keep reading!Intro to teaching Academic Courses: to teaching at Sias University:
Sias University offers a variety of academic courses, taught primarily through two departments: the School of Foreign Languages and School of Business (the School of International Education is a separate program of- fered through Fort Hays State University).Academic teachers prepare lectures and discussions for classes of 60 students on average, and multimedia classrooms are assigned for these courses. The full-time teaching load for academics is 12 class hours a week, providing ample time for preparation and meeting with students. Textbooks and other resources, includ- ing supervision, are provided. Applicants with corresponding degrees, teaching experience or work experience in an academic course discipline will be considered for openings.Academics Course Openings: We are looking to hire 9 qualified Business background teachers. Masters Degree or 4+ years of business experience preferred. Higher salary for higher degrees. See full list of openings Business Teachers DEADLINE: July 1st (resume submission deadline) Submit here.Requirements:• Bachelor degree or higher preferred.• Teaching experience preferred (if you have less than 2-years teaching experience you will need a TEFL certificate).• TEFL certificate or similar certificates preferred.• We give preference to those with marketplace experience in the topic taught as well as in- ternational experience, have a history of being a role-model to students, and are patient and flexi- ble when cultural differences create tension or strain.Benefits:• Airfare to China• Return Airfare – with completed one year contract• MedicalCareAllowance• Accident Insurance• Private• Internet and Utilities Paid• Western Meals:• Free Weekend Trips:• Paid Winter Holiday (7-8 weeks of paid holiday during Winter term)• Paid Summer Holiday for those who sign a 3-year contract• Free Chinese Night School Lessons and Scholarships for full-time language study (mornings)• Student Loan Deferment Advice• Starting salaries range from 6000 – 8000 RMB ($850-1100) a month depending on degree at- tained and other factors, with annual raises. (In 10 months, our faculty can save $3000-4000 USD). Use this tool to estimate your savings: Demographics:We have 130 Foreign faculty teachers and 11 Foreign Administrators and 50 dependents (children and non-working spouses). 22 Families, 10 couples without children and about 70 single teachers. 80% of foreign community are Americans and the rest are Canadian, Filipino, Indian, Jamaican, Hong Kong, Russian, Japanese, Mexican, Korean and German. See pictures: Sias University: Sias International University (Sias) birthed from the vision of Christian entrepreneur, Shawn Chen, to create an “East Meets West” experience. Sias is the first American-owned university in Central China and employs 130 foreign faculty, the most of any school in China, with with 50 dependent spouses and children. The average teacher stays for 4 years and 25-30% turnover creates 30-40 openings per year. Yearly we have openings for 15-20 Oral English teachers, 15-20 Business Teach- ers and 3-4 Elementary school teachers. See: Academics In Asia: (AIA) is the recruiting branch of Sias. AIA also refers teachers to 10+ partner schools. AIA’s goal is to provide the best orientation and cultural experience for foreign teachers to benefit both the teacher and the students. This includes new teacher ori- entation at Sias for all the partner schools and cross-cultural training called Long-term Impact Training (LIT). Learn more at and our partner school openings at Sub- scribe to the AIA Jobs Alerts: in Touch and Be Informed! Join our Job Alerts Updates Newsletter: Fennell(Contact for questions regarding interviewing)Interview Coordinator & Academic Teachergreg@academicsinasia.comM.A. Intercultural Studies Columbia Int’l Univ.Contact (with ANY questions)Aaron (iMessage)209-877-SIAS (7427) (SMS me)Skype: aaronandrachaelConnect with me on LInkedIn