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Logistics supply chain management trainee – yanjiao at Lockin

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Employer: Lockin

Expires: 05/31/2020

Decathlon commissioned Lockin to collect and screen resumes. Lockin is the largest overseas’ recruiting platform in China.For more detail about the job position, please apply through: Description:- lead a team of 10 to 15 people, and recruit and develop the team independently;-ensure the efficient and accurate completion of daily orders to satisfy customers;- ensure timely communication with other industrial chains to promote efficient operation of the supply chain;- team work to maintain the warehouse security system and optimize the warehouse distribution process.The Position Requirements:- sporty and energetic;- bachelor degree or above, overseas study experience and working experience is preferred;- major in logistics, supply chain, industrial engineering, etc., interested in developing in the logistics industry;- good communication skills, field management skills, team leadership, anti-pressure ability, and collective coordination ability;- excellent oral and written English.At Decathlon, more than 70,000 employees work hard in different positions in 29 countries. By 2020, Decathlon will have more than 500 stores in China. Every day, we are proud of what we have done, and we are proud to let the public enjoy the joy of sports.Decathlon, founded in France in 1976, pioneered the concept of selling all sports products in one place. The group is a word-class designer, a brand builder and retailer of sporting good. The group integrates R&D, design, brand, production, logistics and sales of sporting goods. Currently, it has more than 1,000 shopping malls and more than 78,000 employees from more than 100 countries. Moreover, the group has its own training exchange center to provide diversified skills and management training for employees. Decathlon entered China in 2003, and by February 2017, there were 214 shopping malls in 85 cities across the country. Meanwhile, Decathlon’s e-commerce business has covered more than 370 cities. As the world’s leading sporting goods retailer, the core concept of Decathlon is to gather all of the sports products in one place — A selection of more than 80 kinds of sports and 35000 types of sporting equipments independent shopping experience for its consumers. Decathlon also often organize various kinds of sports, family events and so on, enabling all customers to have the opportunity to learn, to try and enjoy the joy of different sports.Here you will harvest:· Pleasant working atmosphere- A group of colleagues who love sports, share the same interests and trust each other- A sports career you love, combining work with pleasure· Diversify career paths- the group has more than 350 positions in 25 countries and encourages its employees to explore the best jobs- localized talent strategy and 100% internal promotion mechanism·Personalized rapid growth- perfect training system to provide personalized training programs for employees at different stages- regular personal meetings with line managers will provide guidance and direction to employees- an autonomous work environment encourages employees to take greater responsibility and make their own decisions