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Life Science Research Professional at Stanford School of Medicine

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Employer: Stanford School of Medicine – School of Medicine

Expires: 07/01/2020

 The Petritsch lab moved recently to Stanford to conduct basic and translational research in brain tumorigenesis and to facilitate fresh tissue collection from craniotomies for research. We are looking for a diligent research assistant to establish a database independently and work on several projects supervised by our lab manager and postdoctoral fellows. 1.   Database establishment and management: Fresh Tissue banking inventory: Establishing and maintaining an inventory system to track fresh tissue samples from craniotomies and autopsies in the Petritsch lab. A software license for Freezerworks Ascent version was purchased and now needs to be set up to be used by Petritsch lab members and linked to REDCap database containing patient information (derived from EPIC) and molecular and pathology data.a.    In charge of supervising the installment of the FreezerWorks tissue banking inventory software on the remote server at Stanfordb.    Working with Stanford IT, FreezerWorks, Neuroscience Tissue coordinator to install user licenses and harmonize accessc.    Work with other labs tissue bank staff to unify record keepingd.    Costumize Freezerworks for the Petritsch lab to track frozen tissue pieces, single cell suspensions, xenografted cellse.   link RedCap patient database with Freezerworksf.     Data entry and maintenanceg.    Help other users (i.e. labs from NS and Neurology to get started with FW software)2.    Fresh tissue collection from OR for research (model development and cell-based assays and -omics analyses.a.    Discuss with postdoc which tissue to collectb.    Familiarize with all protocols related to CNS tumor and tissue collection and processingc.     Actively participate in collecting tissue from the NS-OR from craniotomies in children and coordinate with to pick up fresh tissue from ORd.    Coordinate with other interested parties to distribute tissuee.    Communicate with OR staff while ensuring patient safetyf.     Pick up tissue from OR and rapidly process in TC room (dissection, removal of debris and RBC etc..)g.    Plate cells and freeze samples in timely manner and using the FW tracking and labeling system3.    Expanding, maintaining animal colonya.    Checking the mice and perform weaningb.    Cutting tails, toe tattooing, submitting samples for genotyping, interpreting results and updating mouse database, communication with lab members to decide about experiments, which animals to keep4.    Strategize experiments with postdoc and help with their experiments in whatever way they need, including processing of animals and tissue for sectioning, immunofluorescence, confocal imaging, data analyses, dosing of mice, cell culturing for animal experiments, testing drug responses in vitro and in vivo, assist with small animal surgeries, RNA/DNA preparation, magnetic and flow cytometry sorting for cell populations, transcriptional profiling, RNA-seq, hESC differentiation, Cripsr/CAS-mediated genome editing and introducing glioma-inducing alterations.