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Lever Management Consulting Summer Internship at Berkshire Interns/Berkshire Entry

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Employer: Berkshire Interns/Berkshire Entry

Expires: 04/10/2020

Lever is a business incubator that launches new enterprises (startups) to help lift the regional economy through growth and job creation. Lever also works with existing companies to develop new products or services. We seek a team of summer interns to support Lever’s Intrapreneur Challenge, that will foster innovation by supporting entrepreneurial employees who work for leading Berkshire companies. The interns selected for this position will perform the duties of a management consultant. This will include conducting research, gathering and analyzing data, and presenting recommendations to key stakeholders. Working collaboratively with Lever startups, the intern will: 1)   Gather market data and prepare reports for organizational understanding of current market share, size of potential new markets, product performance and brand reputation.2)   Provide competitive analysis reports (direct, indirect, potential partners and acquisition opportunities).3)   Use secondary data to identify, analyze and draw insightful conclusions.4)   Interact directly with the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to understand their information requirements.5)   Regularly meet with key leaders to understand their research needs and present findings.We seek an outgoing team player who is goal-oriented and interested in supporting the regional economy. Applicants should have a working knowledge of business practices and should be familiar with spreadsheet software. This is a terrific opportunity for students interested in pursuing careers in strategy, consulting, and innovation.The intern will receive a stipend of $510 per week. The intern will report to Brent Filson, Director of Programs and Operations at Lever, Inc., who will ensure they have access to all essential resources, including expert mentors and specialists. Interested students should submit a resume and cover letter no later than April 10th, 2020. Lever follows an equal opportunity employment policy and employs personnel without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, disability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.