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Internship (unpaid) For SARS-CoV-2 Project (Multiple Roles) at Dynamics, Inc.

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Employer: Dynamics, Inc.

Expires: 05/19/2020

URGENT/MULTIPLE OPPORTUNITIES WITH DYNAMICS, INC.Dynamics Inc. was started in 2007 and is the global leader in ultra-thin flexible electronics. Dynamics products have won numerous awards including two Best of Show awards at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) over the past decade. Dynamics also has deep expertise in high intensity ultraviolet (UV) technologies. Ultraviolet has multiple types — UV-A and UV-B are carcinogenic and pass through the Earth’s atmosphere. When you hear about UV products, they are typically UV-A and UV-B products. UV-C, however, does not pass through the Earth’s atmosphere as our atmosphere. UV-C is not carcinogenic and is very difficult to generate and control. UV-C at certain wavelengths can destroy virus and bacteria very quickly. UV-C can permit fast inactivation of SARS-CoV-2. Before the pandemic, Dynamics was working on an ultra-thin, flexible, high-intensity lamp for a product. We’ve now taken that technology and adapted it into a first-of-its kind ultra-thin, flexible, and high-intensity UV-C lamp. Dynamics is leading a group of experts to deliver:in-vivo treatments of SARS-CoV-2 using UV-C.Non-FDA oriented products using UV-C sterilizationFDA oriented products using UV-C sterilization Furthermore, a number of companies have asked Dynamics for sterilization products for immediate deployment. The needs are as follow:             – Business Development and Sales: Development of distribution, relationships (political, medical, and business), development of customer pipeline, business models, business plans, pricing, acquisition and development of needed relationships from labs to working with local politicians, etc.             – Project fundraising: exploration of grants.             – Product development and product management.             – Marketing: marketing materials, marketing strategy, press strategy, b-roll assets, lobbying, etc.             – Operations: Dynamics makes regulated products modeled after ISO 9001. FDA manufacturing is also modeled after ISO 9001. Dynamics’ team can manage this certification, but may be need some assistance.             – Supply chain: Our supply chain team is preparing for a number of scenarios. Resources would be welcomed.             – QMS: What ultimately makes or breaks a volume implementation. Assisting with documentation for controls, testing, QA, QC, etc.-Graphic Artists and Documentation Support-Engineering, Statistics, Physics (solid-state), Mathematicians: