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Idaho National Laboratory Internship Application at Idaho National Laboratory – Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

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Employer: Idaho National Laboratory – Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

Expires: 04/27/2020

 JOB DESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTION  The Opportunity:Internships at Idaho National Laboratory Idaho National Laboratory (INL) hosts over 300 undergraduate and graduate students each year to support INL’s mission. Opportunities for interns at INL range from nuclear engineering to cybersecurity and include non-scientific positions in various operations and business disciplines.Join INL’s team and find your exceptional educational experience in a real-world work environment. INL offers a unique opportunity to learn, collaborate, innovate and conduct research with top researchers and professionals.The Deliverables:Interns will spend the first week of their assignment working with their mentor to outline their work scope and to secure resources for a successful internship. For the next several weeks, the mentor will provide considerable program assistance and guidance to the intern. In addition to regular activities, interns are invited to attend weekly seminars, tours and community events designed with career development in mind. Completion of a final project is highly recommended and can be completed through a variety of mediums – a traditional poster, electronic presentation or video.The Process: Simply complete the application questions which will help us identify what knowledge and experience you already have that may be related to the preferred qualifications for each individual internship project. It is common for applicants to receive consideration for multiple projects at varying times throughout the process. Mentors will make direct contact with applicants who meet their project qualifications to share the specific details of the project. On average, INL plans for approximately 300 internships each year. Most internships provide flexibility with start and end dates to account for varying university term schedules. We encourage early applications to increase the number of opportunities available to you.The Projects:Internship projects will focus on advancing technology and business in the following areas of importance to INL’s ” Mission and Vision”. Click the linked titles below to learn more about the exciting work performed at INL.Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Biology, and Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering)Advanced Transportation Technology (Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Energy Engineering)Business, Operations and Administration Functions (Accounting, Finance, HR, Legal, Audit, Business Management, IT, Communications, Liberal Arts)Clean Energy Technology, Integration and Environmental Sustainability (Nuclear, Renewable, Intelligent Systems, Hybrid Energy, Economic Analysis, Geology, Environmental Engineering, Anthropology, Ecology, Earth & Life Sciences, Materials, Chemistry, Biology, Industrial/Systems Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering)Critical Infrastructure Protection (Electrical Grid and Wireless Technologies) (Physical and Cyber: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science for Resilience, Industrial Control, Critical Infrastructure, Security, Encryption, Signal Propagation, Vulnerabilities)Cyber Security (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science for Network Security, Digital Industrial, Embedded Control, Threat Analysis, Intelligent Controls)Environmental Safety, Health and Quality (Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Quality Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Health Physics)High Performance Computing  – Modeling and Simulation (Computational Sciences for Materials, Structural, Seismic, Chemical, Fluid Dynamics, Nuclear, Physics, Engineering, Energy Technology, Vehicle Technology, Energy Storage)National Homeland Security Programs Support (Communications, Public/International Policy, International Security, Cybersecurity, Business, Computer Science, Geology, GIS, Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Technical Writing)Nuclear Fuels and Materials (Nuclear Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil/Structural Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering)Nuclear Fuel Management, Recycling and Disposal (Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Geology)Nuclear Nonproliferation (Nuclear Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, Chemical Engineering Forensics, Public/International Policy, Geology)Nuclear Power Plant Safety Systems(Electrical Engineering, Human Factors, Statistics, Computer Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology)Nuclear Reactor Designs (Physics , Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Modular Reactors, Life Extension of Current Plants, Future Reactor Design & Construction, Space Technology)Research Facilities, Maintenance and Operations Engineering Services (Manufacturing, Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Weld Engineering for Prototype Shop, Fabrication and Welding, Drafting Design, Project/Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineering, Facility Engineering including Upgrades, Design, Mechanical, Electrical) QUALIFICATIONS Required Qualifications:All Internship Candidates Must:Have the ability to pass a background checkPossess a minimum overall 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)Complete this application, which is used to place students based on their academic interests, coursework, knowledge and communication skillsEnrolled full time student status at an accredited college or university (undergraduate, graduate, PhD). Helpful Tips to Prepare You for Your INL Internship Application:Current resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)Unofficial Transcripts (include current and completed degree programs)Current class schedule and number of creditsRecommendations:Work with your career center to develop a resume or CV that is functional (this is your opportunity for a first impression)Review the INL website and learn more about our business and research programs and how they could enrich your degree plan your professors if they have collaborated on INL research programs and seek their permission to list them as a referenceReview the INL Academic Partnerships web site for valuable information on our internship programs Equal Employment Opportunity Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. It is the policy of INL to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information. Women and People of Color are strongly encouraged to apply.