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Human Resources (Entry Level Management) at Adjutant General Corps

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Employer: Adjutant General Corps

Expires: 06/01/2020

A Human Resources (Adjutant General) officer in the United States Army is in charge of a section of human resources specialists, constantly reporting to senior leadership on human capital. Presenting metrics analyzed by your team, unit strength management, talent management, overseeing customer service, performance evaluations, and HR training are some of a human resources officer’s responsibilities. Adjutant General officers are needed at every installation world-wide, meaning that there is a large amount of locations for each officer to choose from.An entry level HR manager can expect to enter service between the ranks of Second Lieutenant to Captain. The salary base pay for these positions is between $40k-$77k, plus allowances. Allowances given are for housing and subsistence. The subsistence allowance is currently $3k per year for officers. The housing allowance depends on rank, years of service, location, and family status, but it ranges $9k-$35k. To put this into perspective, an active duty single Second Lieutenant (most junior officer) with the median housing allowance in the Active Army will make no less than $58k per year.For more information on benefits and becoming an AG Officer, see our about section below and company page.