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Future executive candidate at Walmart Japan/SEIYU (Japan) at Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation (Connect Job Agent)

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Employer: Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation (Connect Job Agent)

Expires: 06/25/2020

■Who is Walmart Japan/SEIYU?It is one of the largest foreign companies in the world that have surpassed the GAFA in digitalization. Walmart is a global company with more than 11,000 stores in 28 countries. Walmart ranks number one in the Fortune 2019 list of the world’s 500 largest companies (On a 2018 sales basis). Walmart’s US $5144050 in sales exceeds national budgets in Australia and Spain.SEIYU utilizes Walmart’s global network to operate a wide network of stores in Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, that sell food, clothing, and household goods. It is working to strengthen its marketing and product procurement capabilities in cooperation with Walmart by providing customers with a good balance of the four values of “Price”, “freshness and quality”, “assortment”, and “Convenience”. SEIYU has built strong ties with Walmart in a variety of areas, including product safety, environmental issues, and expertise in developing outstanding private brands. The company is constantly evolving to be the best “world’s largest company”.■What does a future executive candidate do?In order to learn the basic business principles of retailing, you will first study store management,which is the foundation of Wal-Mart’s business, for six months, and then work in a variety of fields.It is a program that aims to become an executive in five years instead of the usual 10 years. It targets high performers who want to grow and expand their careers at Wal-Mart in Japan. After joining the company, you will be required to gain experience so that you can work as a seniorexecutive in the following way.■RequirementsBusiness level above EnglishJLPT N2 level above JapaneseThose who can join in April 2021 with less than 2 years work experience■Selection ProcessStep 1: Online seminar & Personality assessmentStep 2 : Document selectionStep 3 : First interviewStep 4 : Aptitude testStep 5 : Final interview*The results of personality assessment and aptitude test are not affected by language ability.