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FunPlus 2020 Campus Recruitment-Product Manager at Lockin

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Employer: Lockin

Expires: 05/11/2020

FunPlus commissioned Lockin to collect and screen resumes. Lockin is the largest overseas’ recruiting platform in China.FunPlus is a global digital interactive entertainment company with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, San Francisco, Tokyo, Stockholm, Moscow and Barcelona. The company employs nearly 1,000 people spread across 20 countries and regions, and its local operations and in-game translation engine supports game play in 23 languages.  FunPlus’ strategy game studio, KingsGroup, is the maker of King of Avalon which has topped the list of game bestsellers in 67 countries, as well as Guns of Glory which has achieved No.1 ranking in 45 countries, including the USA and most European markets. State of Survival is the studio’s most recent successful game that has been rapidly climbing the charts.Product ManagerBase in BeijingDescription1. To participate in planning core needs of product and oversea market growth, promote each programs,manage the progression, quality check and data recycle. Being responsible of KPI. 2. To analyze market opponents, discover the market positioning and customer needs. To research deeply and gather resource from differnet channels.Make the product and gameplay competitive.3. To research on user behaviors, analyze user profile, channels and active periods. Deeply forsee customers’ need, optimize the overall model and be responsible of the optimization of communicating, assimilating and maintaining path.4. To cooperate closely with research team,Desgin,R&D,test to produce high-quality documents and ensure the product is published on time. 5. To focus on the data management after the product is published. Closely monitors relevant data, analyze and assess them regularly and participate in design and assessment tests, optimize the product time to time.Requirements1. Previous experience in internet company or product related function is preferred. 2. Open-minded, fast-learner and independent thinker.Self-motivated.3. Clear logic and analyzing skills towards business and data. Good in communication and conciliation, can forsee the insight of business and customer needs.4. Fluent in English, oversea experience is a plus.Please apply through: