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EZR Internship – Work From Home at EZR Logistics

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Employer: EZR Logistics

Expires: 06/01/2020

Our Internship Promise: First and foremost our goal is to create a path for students to join our team as a full-time hire. Secondarily, we will create a real-world experience for interns to prepare themselves for a professional career through mentorship and solving real challenges facing EZR today. Lastly, we strive to create a challenging yet supportive learning environment that bridges the academic and for-profit experience.projects to create both immediate and lasting impact in the company. Preparing You for a Career – THE EZR INTERNSHIPOur summer internship program for bachelor’s and graduate degree candidates provides broad exposure to the reusable asset management sector and specifically the horticulture industry and teaches business strategy through full-­time immersion on a department level team.As an Associate Generalist Intern (AGI), you’ll begin with homework before you start, then a week of immersive training led by your Lead Intern Mentor (LEM) and very similar to the training received by all new hires.  If you meet our performance expectations, you’ll receive an offer to return full­-time and join our team upon graduating.What You’ll DoYou will co-create an EZR internship plan, which is designed to enable interns to create real impact for EZR while taking into condiseration their own career aspirations. Interns will engage in multiple projects along the internship ranging from “quick-win” projects to “long-term value creation.” After training, you’ll be assigned to an active projects. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to experience and accomplish:Work on a cross functional team and take charge of a distinct aspect of the projectInterview clients’ customers, competitors, suppliers and employers—work that will become the basis of your rommendationsOwn and identify information sources, gather and interpret data, and execute analysis to translate into meaningful insightsPresent your findings to team members and client stakeholders Application InformationTo apply, you’ll need to submit the following items, plus any additional requirements for the main office you wish to join:Resume/CV (Word doc or PDF files only)Educational background information and relevant test scoresWork experienceThe Hiring Process:  Once you apply, you can expect the following next steps: 1. a short case study, 2. a 20 min phone interview, 3. an in person or Zoom interview, and 4. hire.