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Entry Level Engineer (5198BR) at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

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Employer: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Expires: 06/11/2020

Apply here! – college graduates will initially be placed in the Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP). They will receive one-on-one career development assistance from seasoned professionals from different backgrounds and will be collocated with other new hires allowing for peer group connection. They will begin their technical training as well as be given project assignments that will provide them with exposure to different facilities and site work processes.Develop conventional solutions to technical task objectives within various SRNS facility engineering organizations. Learn SRNS and specific Department/Facility systems and requirements for accomplishing tasks. Assist more senior technical personnel in performing related activities in more complex tasks. Perform the following tasks relative to specific facility operations:• Discipline specific ownership and maintenance of the following types of systems among others: – Nuclear Chemical and Industrial Unit Operations – Industrial Mechanical systems (Nuclear and Non-nuclear HVAC, Rotating Equipment) – Instrumentation and Control Systems – Utilities (Power Distribution, Steam, Water Compressed Gases) – Civil/Structural (Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Dams) – Fire Protection Systems• Specific day to day tasks may include: – Work directly with operations and maintenance personnel to maintain system operability – System Configuration Control to include minor design development, component replacement, facility walkdowns, drawing reviews/updates, procedure development/review/approval, preventive maintenance identification – Usage of Federal/National Codes and Standards – Work package/system maintenance review and approval – Work with Design or Project Management organizations on large scale designs and projects