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Energy Industry Analyst at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Employer: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Expires: 05/06/2020

This position is located in the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation (OEPI) at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The incumbent will work within the Division of Economic and Technical Analysis, the Division of Policy Development, or the Division of Energy Market Assessments. OEPI coordinates the development of policies and rules that address emerging challenges in the electric and natural gas industries. The Division of Economic and Technical Analysis works to enhance existing market rules, processes, and operations in the electric and natural gas industries in order to promote competition and efficient market design, address emerging challenges, and send appropriate long-term investment signals. The Division of Policy Development initiates and coordinates the development of Commission policies to: enhance the efficient planning and operation of energy markets and the interstate power grid; improve the coordination between wholesale electric and natural gas systems; remove barriers to ensure access to the market and grid by all resources; and improve coordination between wholesale and retail electric markets. The Division of Energy Market Assessments (DEMA) examines, analyzes, and reports on the structure and operation of the electric and natural gas markets and provides information to the Commission and the public on significant market events and trends. DEMA observes market operations and performance to develop market intelligence to inform the development of policies that promote the competitiveness and, efficiency of the wholesale energy markets.Major duties for the position include:  Knowledge of IndustryResearch and Analysis SkillsOral and Written Communication Skills