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Developer / Data Scientist at AWC, Inc.

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Employer: AWC, Inc.

Expires: 08/01/2020

We are looking for energetic, creative individuals that are capable of applying technology to further automate our internal as well as inter work processes with our customers and suppliers. We are highly skilled in the management of Microsoft SQL Enterprise and development but have begun to realize the need for individuals skilled in React, React Native, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We are having success leaving old paradigms behind, moving toward API development and integration of open source GitHub projects to accomplish tasks we never before thought possible. I.e. Applying random forest “R”-programming to better forecast our demand or PDF scraping to eliminate manual tasks. We are a sales-engineering company. Most of our sales people have degrees in engineering and we support them through cool I.T. initiatives.  We have developed over 95% of our own code! Obviously, this approach requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline from each developer as for every success there can be 5 failures. The successes, when they come, make it all worthwhile. Furthermore, I.T. employees tend to become experts in the fields they support… purchasing, materials management, sales, engineering and finance. You’ve got to know it to program it! An ideal candidate will have:·        A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering (or is graduating soon) Also acquired skills developed on your own in the following disciplines would be considered extremely admirable:·        GitHub·        React and React Native·        “R” programming (statistics)·        Some experience in web application development, JavaScript (ES6 & jQuery), CSS3 (Bootstrap), HTML5, and other responsive web presentation technologies·        Strong design skills around the user experience with an eye for design and attention to detail Your college education has provided you a strong foundation. If you want to apply your tools to create awesomeness, please contact us!