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Data Scientist Full-Time: Tokyo at Jinch Co., Ltd. | ヂンチ株式会社

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Employer: Jinch Co., Ltd. | ヂンチ株式会社

Expires: 05/01/2020

About usJinch (ヂンチ), plays on the duality of 人知, which means human and artificial intelligence, and 陣地, which means a battlefield. Realizing the untapped potential of data in Japan and the need for more rapid adoption of cutting-edge data science methods, Jinch was started in 2019 by a University of Tokyo and MIT-educated Japanese economist together with a Harvard educated Bulgarian-American MBA and engineer. Our multi-cultural founding team is building a data science venture that is tackling Japan’s most challenging issues. These include (1) building the new “super platform” of Japan that will move the country to a technology-driven future through combining mobility and experience services; (2) R&D partnerships with top Japanese companies, including publications in leading conferences and journals; and (3) better new grad and employee to employer matching to move beyond the outdated “New Grad” hiring and lifetime employment systems, to name a few. Help us Advance Japan Through DataYour work will cover the entire data science workflow: from identifying relevant analytical questions to locating and combining data sources to transforming large data sets, to running in-depth analyses. But, as a young Japanese startup, you will have the chance to not only witness, but to help build what we believe will become the leading data science company in Japan. If you’re ready to work hard, think differently, and change Japan for the better then we hope you’ll join us! Background & SkillsWe are looking for team players with excellent quantitative abilities that also bring the following tangible and soft skills:Tangible Skills:-       Data scientists with a bachelors, masters or PhD in computer science, economics, engineering, mathematics, psychology, public health, physics, statistics, or similar fields. –       Experience in coding and working with data using: –       Python (especially Pandas, scikit-learn & XGBoost) or R (espcially Tidyverse, dplyr & ggplot2), git and a lower-level programming language such as C/C++/C#/Java. –       Bonus coding skills: SQL, Hadoop (Hive, Spark, etc.), Tensorflow/Keras, Cloud infrastructures, and Docker.-       Experience working with large and messy real-world data sets-       Understanding of common machine learning and causal inference techniques Soft Skills & Mindset: –       Ability to see solutions and opportunities that others do not see paired with an entrepreneurial spirit to implement said solutions and opportunities, even if not directed to do so-       Collaborative approach of teamwork and knowledge sharing-       High level of commitment plus a good balance of pragmatism and perfectionism-       Preference for Japanese language fluency, but we will look at all exceptional candidates. Compensation and LocationWe can’t build the type of data science company that doesn’t yet exist in Japan with just anyone. We are searching for the absolute best to join our Tokyo-based team and know that everyone’s personal circumstances and goals are unique. As a result, we base our compensation around a personalized discussion about what works best for you at this point in your life, whether that is a larger bet on the company’s future through enhanced equity or more near-term financial needs through larger cash compensation. Regardless of your specific circumstances, we believe that everyone on the team should participate in the success of the company by owning a share of it through equity. Founded on DiversityAt Jinch, when we say we are building a unique data science company in Japan, that includes our focus on hiring the absolute best people regardless of where they come from, what they look like, or what they believe in. In fact, we believe that it’s the uniqueness in each of us that will ensure that we thrive. If you’re looking for a welcoming place where you can be yourself, you’ve found it! ContactJinch Talent Team (