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Data Scientist at Omnium

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Employer: Omnium

Expires: 05/09/2020

1        Job SummaryOmnium is a boutique consulting and advisory firm specializing in analytics and data driven decision making in the CPG industry. Our office is located in downtown San Francisco between Chinatown and the Financial District. Omnium interns become familiar with how multimillion dollar decisions are made in the CPG industry (the best interns get to help make these decisions too!), and learn state of the art methodologies for making good business decisions using data driven and mathematical techniques. Omnium’s work environment is rarely boring and there is always something to do! We spend our time serving our existing clients, researching new methods for applying mathematical techniques to the CPG industry, developing internal technology to help us work more efficiently, searching for new clients, and developing ourselves and our talent. We believe that work can be fun, and we make it a priority to socialize as a company (for example: playing board games together). Omnium is a small company, and interns are treated like full-time members of our team.2        Job ResponsibilitiesOmnium’s internship program consists of the following:·        A rigorous training program designed to teach the dynamics of the CPG industry, and bolster analytical thinking skills, data analysis skills, and mathematical modelling abilities.·        A self-driven project helping Omnium solve problems at the frontier of our company. The project is the intern’s opportunity to work on a problem that they find interesting, and contribute in a significant way to improving Omnium as a business.·        Working on client deliverables.3        RequirementsMust be studying in a STEM field.Successful interns almost always possess the following characteristics:-         Desire to develop strong skills in:o  Analytical thinkingo  Data science, data analysis, and data manipulationo  Mathematical modellingo  Effectively communicating results to stakeholders and clients-         Highly personable-         Strong quantitative skills-         Demonstrate a high degree of initiative-         Mature and Professional