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Data Engineer Intern at Alibaba Group

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Employer: Alibaba Group

Expires: 05/30/2020

Do you love building big data pipelines and processing petabyte level data? Do you love developing and using the cutting-edge distributed data platform to support business decision making? Do you want to work on designing, developing, and maintaining Alibaba’s big data system, to manage hundreds of petabyte data via data warehouse, meta-data, and QA system? Do you want to develop big data products, unleash your business sense, and discover the value of data? Do you want to put your hands on the world-leading big data platform, and to learn from leaders in different fields? If yes, you are the one we are looking for!Minimum Qualifications:1. Bachelor degree or above, master degree or PhD is highly preferred.2. Major in Computer science, Mathematics, Statistics,Data Science.Meanwhile, we hope you:1. Strong learning capacity, an inquiring mind, and outstanding adaptability;2. Proven ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups towards a common goal;3. Highly passionate about your field of expertise. Capable of critical thinking and self-reflection;4. Stay positive and believe there are always more solutions than difficulties;