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Data Analyst at Aequim Alternative Investments

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Employer: Aequim Alternative Investments

Expires: 08/29/2020

Aequim Alternative Investments is a Mill Valley, CA based Relative Value Credit manager focused on Capital Structure Arbitrage. The firm was launched at the beginning of 2018 and it has grown consistently since its formation. The continued growth of the firm and the quantitative aspects of Aequim’s investment strategy has created a need for an entry level data analyst. The analyst will have responsibility for the firm’s data process, including:1.   Supervising the administration of a multi-tenant bitemporal security master database.2.   Managing a data warehouse that aggregates data from:a database of investment attributes.the administrator of the firm’s investment products.the custodians of client assets.third-party model providers.other market data providers3.   Resolving all exceptions that arise in the warehouse in a timely manner.4.   Managing denormalization tables to deliver warehouse data in tabular form to business intelligence tools like Power BI.5.   Developing visualizations in Power Bi to enhance the firm’s investment process.6.   Developing statistical models in R or Python to enhance the investment process.Applicants must have completed an undergraduate program in a quantitative discipline and have had academic or professional experience applying the resulting skills to real-world situations. Knowledge of financial markets is a positive. The position requires independent motivation, attention to detail and a solid understanding of data management. The Data Analyst must deliver high quality output with few errors and must communicate well with other members of the team.  Above all else, the firm values integrity, fairness, and superior performance, so the role will be both demanding and rewarding.