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Biological Data Scientist at University of California San Francisco

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Employer: University of California San Francisco

Expires: 07/31/2020

The Data Science CoLab is seeking researchers in computational biology, bioinformatics, and data science to tackle current challenges in immunology. As part of the Data Science (DS) team, you will learn the analysis methods, as well as the conceptual and biological background, to analyze CyTOF and single-cell RNA sequencing data. Once comfortable with these methods, you will perform analyses to contribute to our understanding of immune state in our patient cohorts. You will integrate molecular data with clinical information in an effort to understand how the immune system impacts disease outcomes. You will be expected to document your analyses, present your progress and results, and participate in DS lab meetings. We currently have several projects examining the relationship between immune state and health outcomes in a variety of UCSF patient cohorts, including infection, autoimmunity, and cancer. Our aim is to better understand how the immune system is wired and responds, in order to develop better disease diagnosis and treatments. As a member of the lab, you will contribute to the design of new experiments, help maintain our computational infrastructure, and track the flow of samples and information for large-scale studies.This position is within the Data Science CoLab ( The Data Science CoLab is a collaboration-based research lab that focuses on biological data analysis and computational methods development. We are passionate about data science training for biologists who want to better engage with their data. In addition, we build tools for biologists to store and interact with their data. Our philosophy is that successful data-heavy projects happen by integrating biological understanding and intuition with advanced skills in data science. This can happen by facilitating close collaborations between experimental and computational biologists, as well as by empowering biologists to work with their own data.While this position requires some proficiency in programming and data analysis, the most competitive candidates are those who are fast and eager learners, who can readily adopt new bioinformatics pipelines/workflows that have been developed in the lab and the field at-large and apply them to a series of diverse projects. An aptitude for collaborative work and organization is required to excel in our environment of diverse researchers. The candidate will receive training in data analysis, as well as develop expertise and intuition in biology. This position is ideal for recent graduates and can serve as a stepping stone for a PhD program or career in bioinformatics, computational biology, or data science. Candidates may additionally apply for a spot in the CoLabs Postbac Research Program for additional training. THE COLABSCoLabs is a new model for research collaborations and core labs for the UCSF community. CoLabs brings together several established and successful but previously separate cores plus new institutional support into a new centralized research organization at the Parnassus campus. CoLabs seeks to revitalize the model for core resources by capitalizing on critical personnel and cutting-edge technologies and driving collaboration across disciplines. CoLabs will centralize research teams and create a set of common pipelines and workflows. It will recruit and retain world-class staff and develop transformative methods and technologies through engagement with the research community and institutional investments. The CoLabs initiative is launching now with participation of five founding CoLabs teams, Biological Imaging Development (BIDC), Data Science (DS), Disease to Biology (D2B), Flow Cytometry, and Genomics. The CoLabs will help organize and integrate the UCSF community through common pipelines and data curation around a set of collaborative “CoProjects” that will tackle fundamental questions in the biomedical research. CoProject day-to-day operations are managed and run through the CoLabs. Several CoProjects are already underway, with more coming in line soon.Applicants for this position may also apply to the UCSF CoLabs Postbac Program which provides mentoring and training opportunities for recent college graduates who are planning to pursue a future in biomedical research.For more information, please visit: