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Bioinformatics Scientist at University of California San Francisco

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Employer: University of California San Francisco

Expires: 07/31/2020

Working as part of a multidisciplinary group and under direct supervision, the Bioinformatics Scientist will perform statistical analyses of high throughput genomics data by using and/or adapting existing computational pipelines and algorithms. The individual will learn to write code to process genomic data sets, generate reports, and present the results to collaborators. With supervision, s/he will work from standard analysis pipelines and learn to modify code to fit individual projects. S/he will interact closely with CoLab members and collaborate with other bioinformaticians doing similar work at UCSF and elsewhere. The Bioinformatics Scientist will perform basic design, development, modification and debugging of software. Evaluates basic software for functional areas. Analyzes existing software or works to formulate logic for basic systems, prepares basic specifications and performs coding.Work location: Mission Bay/Parnassus after 5/2020.THE COLABSThe CoLabs are a collection of integrated laboratories specializing in infrastructure or technologies. It seeks to revitalize the model for core resources by capitalizing on critical personnel and cutting-edge technologies, and driving collaboration across disciplines. The model will house all CoLabs teams in a contiguous space and create a set of common pipelines and workflows in one centralized locale. It will recruit and retain world-class staff through project engagement, backstopped “tenure,” and annual operational funds. It will develop and invest in transformative methods and technologies.In its current form, the CoLabs consolidate three existing groups, Genomics, Flow Cytometry, and Biological Imaging Development (BIDC), and establish two new ones, Disease to Biology (D2B) and Data Science (DS), placing them all under one roof. The CoLabs will help organize and integrate the UCSF community through common pipelines and data curation around a set of collaborative “CoProjects” that will tackle fundamental questions in the field. While CoProjects are investigator-driven, the day-to-day operations must be managed and run through the cutting-edge CoLabs, which house world-class staff and technologies.GENOMICS COLABThe Genomics CoLab serves as an innovative hub of molecular biologists, genomicists and bioinformaticians engaging in collaborative research across UCSF campuses. At the Genomics CoLab, we emphasize in the development of novel genomic approaches and providing advanced genomic and bioinformatic resources for investigators who wish to integrate modern genomic approaches into biological research. These approaches include bulk- and single-cell RNA-seq, small RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, ATAC-seq and whole exome/genome sequencing. We are also actively working on integrating novel genomic methods such as combinatorial genomic methods, special transcriptomics, and new epigenomic approaches such as CUT&TAG.Applicants for this position may also apply to the UCSF CoLabs Postbac Program which provides mentoring and training opportunities for recent college graduates who are planning to pursue a future in biomedical research.For more information, please visit: