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Bioinformatics Scientist at HypaHub, Inc.

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Employer: HypaHub, Inc.

Expires: 09/01/2020

HypaHub is innovating at the intersection of software, data science, and biology. Advances in biotechnology is democratizing rapid data generation for the masses, with data volume projected to grow to the scale of major internet services and astronomy. With established success in the industry and research sectors, the HypaHub team is expanding its effort to democratize the analysis of large scale biological data.We are seeking a fine bioinformatics scientist like you to:apply and/or develop innovative computational methods and data science to facilitate novel NGS-based assay developments and extract biological insights.collaborate with scientists and the engineering team to develop bioinformatics workflows.conduct data analysis and generate reports for internal and external projects.Core competencies expected from a productive scientist:Experience in analyzing high-throughput biomedical data, such as genomics, epigenomics, and transcriptomics data.Experience in high-level programming languages such as R and Python and familiarity with Linux computing environments.Experience with novel algorithm development or machine learning is a plus.Experience with workflow languages such as snakemake, nextflow, and CWL is a plus.Why should you join us?HypaHub aspires to catalyze the curiosity and imagination of our employees. With our collective creativity and technologies, we are creating a novel way to advance our understanding in life science in the era of big data and to bring hope to people who suffer from diseases. We believe that everyone can be a data scientist if we put the right tools in their hands. At HypaHub, you will find an innovative as well as a candid and collaborative environment. The work-life balance and job satisfaction of our employees are always at the top of our list. Together with the community, let’s make the world a better place.Visit us at