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Associate Specialist – Brain Imaging & EEG Lab at UCSF Brain Imaging & EEG Lab

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Employer: UCSF Brain Imaging & EEG Lab

Expires: 05/17/2020

The Brain Imaging & EEG Lab (BIEEGL) is a clinical cognitive neuroscience laboratory studying the brain structure and function of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, and related psychiatric disorders. The scientists at BIEEGL use multimodal neuroimaging, such as electroencephalography (EEG) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), to understand neural mechanisms impacted by these disorders.ASSOCIATE SPECIALIST JOB DUTIES:• Analyze fMRI and EEG data sets on an individual subject and group level• Prepare and export appropriately organized fMRI and EEG output data for higher level analysis by PI and/or presentations or publications by PI• Program new scripts in Matlab and other programming languages as needed• Maintain and update internal lab image data processing pipeline and tables in Matlab and mySQL, respectively• Apply QA programs to ensure high quality data, including PHP scripting for easy web access• Maintain and monitor web-based EEG upload site and associated dashboards• Perform other duties as assignedRequired Qualifications:• Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in a related field OR five years research experience• 1-2 Years of relevant experience• Statistical (regression) and data/signal or similar processing experience• Comfortable scripting in Matlab and working in Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OSX environments• Basic database knowledge (mySQL)• Good organizational skills• Ability to work independentlyPreferred Qualifications:• Familiarity with some of the following: AFNI, Brain Vision Analyzer, BIDS, BXH tools, Docker, E-prime, EEGlab, FIPS, fMRIPrep, FSL, freeSurfer, Microsoft Access, OpenClinica, PHP scripting, Presentation, Python, R, RedCap, SAS, SPM, SPSSPlease apply online at, with a CV and cover letter.