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Algorithm Engineer Intern, Speech Interaction at Alibaba Group

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Employer: Alibaba Group

Expires: 05/31/2020

Speech interaction technologies have been widely deployed in Alibaba’s core business scenarios, including mobile apps, smart speakers, connected cars, and our call centers. If you are passionate about speech recognition, speech synthesis, dialog system, speech signal processing and acoustic technology, join us to advance state-of-the-art speech interaction technologies.Responsibilities:-Research on speech recognition, speech synthesis, speech interaction, dialog system, speaker recognition / verification, speech signal processing, acoustic design and related technologies.-Development of speech interaction products, including cloud and client engine, online service, and SDK.-Development of multi-modal speech interaction technologies.Minimum Qualifications:-Master or PhD degree in speech, artificial intelligence, computer science, electronic engineering, machine learning, signal processing and related fields.-Proficient in C / C + +, Java, Python or other programming languages-Extensive experience solving analytical problems using quantitative approaches.Preferred Qualifications:-Excellent coding skills are preferred.-Publications in top research conferences or journals, or excellent programming skills are preferred.Meanwhile, we hope you:1. Strong learning capacity, an inquiring mind, and outstanding adaptability;2. Proven ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups towards a common goal;3. Highly passionate about your field of expertise. Capable of critical thinking and self-reflection;4. Stay positive and believe there are always more solutions than difficulties;