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Administrative Clerk Intern at Greening Youth Foundation

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Employer: Greening Youth Foundation

Expires: 07/11/2020

Administrative Clerk This job is designed for an intern/graduate to work in the executive suite of the Southern Region Regional Office. The position serves as an Administrative Clerk providing program support to the Executive Office. The incumbent is also responsible for customer service such as greeting visitors, answering telephones, and responding to both internal and external inquiries. Computes travel vouchers, submits documents for signature, approval, and payment, and schedules travel accommodations. Performs a full range of standard and non-standard assignments, resolving non-recurring problems. Work includes a variety of assignments involving different and unrelated steps, processes, or methods. The incumbent must identify and understand the issues involved in each assignment and determine what steps and procedures are necessary and the order of their performance. Determines supplies needed for the office staff. Prepares the necessary requisition/procurement requests, and receives and distributes supplies and special order items. Uses word processing software and printing equipment to create, copy, edit, store, retrieve, and print a variety of standardized documents using a glossary of pre-recorded formats, form letters, standard paragraphs, and mailing lists.Degree Requirements Associates Degree (2 Year program)