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19/20 Stage Management Internships | Goodman Theatre at Goodman Theatre

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Employer: Goodman Theatre

Expires: 04/30/2020

Goodman Theatre’s internship program offers a rich and challenging experience for qualified college students, graduates, and young professionals who are actively pursuing careers in professional theater. Goodman interns are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility and have the opportunity to work closely with Goodman staff and artists in Chicago’s large and diverse theater community.Stage Management interns assist Equity stage management throughout the production process beginning with pre-rehearsal preparations, through technical rehearsals, and concluding on opening night. Applicants must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of stage management techniques and terminology. Stage Management interns are eligible to receive Equity membership points.Applications for Stage Management internships are accepted on a rolling basis with earlier applications preferred. The Goodman is currently seeking two stage management interns for this fall’s production of Bernhardt/Hamlet, which begins pre-production on August 13, 2019. This year, the Goodman will also hire stage management interns for the following productions:o  Dana H: Sept-Octo  New Stages: Oct-Novo  Roe: Jan-Febo  Graveyard Shift: Jan-Feb o  Molly Sweeney: Jan-Marcho  Graveyard Shift: Feb-Aprilo  American Mariachi: Feb-Mayo  The Outsiders: May-JulyAll applications will be kept on file until May 2020 and reviewed throughout the 19/20 season.For more information – including internship descriptions – visit the Goodman’s website: