Collaborate with IEOR

Is there an aspect of your business that could be improved? Could you benefit from a data-driven, scientific perspective from one of the world's leading academic institutions?

Collaboration between faculty and students in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at UC Berkeley and industry leads to great outcomes. Your business will benefit from scientific expertise and consultation and Berkeley students benefits from real-world experience gained while helping to improve your company.

  • Berkeley industrial engineers can help with:
    • supply chain management
    • energy systems
    • healthcare systems engineering
    • financial engineering
    • optimization & algorithms
    • logistics and scheduling
    • manufacturing & semiconductors
    • simulation & stochastics
    • Information Filtering
    • Data Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Control Theory
    • Innovation
    • Management
    • and more...

Undergraduate capstone collaboration

The undergraduate program for students in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at UC Berkeley require them to execute a capstone project where they learn to identify, investigate, formulate, analyze, solve and implement a solution to a real problem in a manufacturing, service or governmental organization. Past student teams have studied retail trade, wholesale trade, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, marketing, and financial planning problems, among others. Organizations have ranged from small local companies and operations within the university to large international companies.  To learn more about undergraduate captstone collaborations, contact Professor Candace Yano.

Sample projects

AC Transit temporary bus stop and storage study

Graduate projects

Our graduate program is ranked #3 nationwide and top students from around the world come to Berkeley to study industrial engineering & operations research.  Our Masters of Engineering students learn professional skills in leadership, management, and business while advancing their technical expertise in a concentrated area.  Our Masters of Science and Ph.D students focus on increasing technical depth and research skill in a specific area of IEOR (data analytics, supply chain, logistics, etc.).  By partnering with our graduate students, you will benefit from the latest knowledge in IEOR.  If you are interested in graduate student collaboration, please contact Department Chair, Professor Phil Kaminsky.

Sponsored research

Do you have a research question that needs investigating?  Do you have a larger project where the expertise of industrial engineers would be useful?  Contact our faculty directly to discuss your research question.  For guidance on who to connect with, contact Department Chair, Professor Phil Kaminsky.