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IEOR Impact

Research by Shen and collaborators suggest new ways cities can deal with ride-sharing issues and help taxi drivers survive

By Keith McAleer | January 23, 2020

Board member Terry Duryea’s mantra for a rewarding career — maintain flexibility and stay on a steep learning curve

By Vishrut Rana | December 3, 2019

Have you ever been confused about how to briefly yet accurately describe Industrial Engineering and Operations Research to old Uncle Ben sitting across you at the Thanksgiving dinner table? Well, IEOR can indeed be a difficult major to define for most. To the ex-CFO of McAfee and IEOR Advisory Board member Terry Duryea, however, IEOR…

IEOR Alum and DoorDash Founder Tony Xu Featured on Berkeley Innovation Podcast

By Sharon Pan | November 19, 2019

Conventionalizing the Unconventional — Board Member Bob Cliff shares his experiences as a consultant with skills in IEOR

By Vishrut Rana | November 12, 2019

Exposure to a diverse set of tools of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research is a blessing for all students in the program. However, it is natural for students to be overwhelmed by the number of options at their disposal and for them to be left wondering about where their skills can be best applied. With…

Industry Office Hours with Tenaris: Emerging technologies for traditional industries

By Sharon Pan | November 8, 2019

Smart Villages: Students Pitch to Chief Minister of Meghalaya

By wpengine | October 29, 2019

Students taking the Smart Villages Challenge Lab have been tasked with developing digital technologies and platforms to help impoverished Indian villages to utilize their natural resources and access global markets. The area selected this semester was the state of Meghalaya, and each team was assigned one particular challenge in regards to improving Meghalayan villages: Eco-Tourism,…

Kill science funding and you kill the future tech economy

By Sharon Pan | September 27, 2019

How heat waves can shut down power systems — Prof. Lavaei quoted in Bloomberg

By Keith McAleer | July 19, 2019

IEOR-led study shows government-funded research increasingly fuels innovation

By Keith McAleer | June 20, 2019

Master of Engineering alum helps Syrian refugees create makerspaces to grow their skills

By Keith McAleer | June 12, 2019

When Patrick Thelen (MEng IEOR ’17) was a kid, he loved building LEGO