IEOR Class of 2024

Congratulations From IEOR Chair, Alper Atamturk

Alper AtamturkDear Class of 2024:

Congratulations on your graduation! I am thrilled to celebrate all of the students graduating this year. This year, 16 ORMS undergraduates, 50 IEOR undergraduates, 98 master's of engineering, 86 master's of analytics, eight master's of science, and eight PhD students will graduate from Berkeley IEOR. These 266  students join the ranks of over 5,000 IEOR alumni who are positively impacting industry, government, and academia worldwide.

As Cal alumni, you epitomize the excellence with which UC Berkeley is globally renowned. I hope you take pride in this huge milestone and know that our faculty, staff, and your family and friends share in that pride.

Your unique journey to this point, filled with challenges and triumphs, has been nothing short of remarkable. We've tasked you with navigating a rigorous curriculum, solving intricate problems, navigating complex systems, and delving deeply into ethical considerations. You have not only risen to these challenges but conquered them with resilience and determination, mastering cutting-edge methodologies, optimization techniques, analytical tools, and beyond. 

As you embark on new adventures, remember to bring not only your technical expertise but also your capacity to think critically, adapt to change, and maintain resilience. Embrace the interdisciplinary and human aspects of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Collaborate with professionals from diverse backgrounds, challenge conventional norms, and prioritize inclusivity, sustainability, and ethics in your endeavors.

As this chapter of your Berkeley IEOR journey concludes, it signals the start of your enduring bond with our vibrant network of alumni. Remember, we stand as the sole IEOR department in the UC system. You now belong to an exclusive cohort of UC alumni equipped with formidable analytical prowess, ready to tackle challenges across diverse sectors and companies, with unwavering confidence in your rigorous training. Our alumni network is not just a resource but a community that is here to support you. Join our Alumni LinkedIn page, stay engaged on social media, and share your career milestones with us. We eagerly anticipate reconnecting at upcoming alumni events and encourage you to drop in whenever possible. Remember, your connection with the university and its alumni network is a valuable asset that can significantly contribute to your professional growth.

You possess the knowledge, skills, and passion to change the future in ways we haven't yet imagined, and I look forward to witnessing the achievements that await each of you. Congratulations, and Go Bears!

Alper Atamturk
Professor and Department Chair, Berkeley IEOR

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