IEOR 170: Industrial Design and Human Factors Project Highlights

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This semester, students taking IEOR 170 encountered terrific success in their creative design projects and ideas.

Ten teams of students gained hands-on experience designing real-world solutions based on the theories learned in the course. This semester the problems revolved around how to better manually adjust irrigation emitters in vineyards. California is the top wine-producing state in the U.S. and with demand for water growing and supply in question, researchers are working to create precision irrigation techniques to help save water.

While most students addressed the problems surrounding motion efficiency in grape vineyards, the design challenges were diverse, ranging from ergonomics, to irrigation, alternatives to current tools, and more. Check out their work below.

Course description: IEOR 170 is designed to teach the theory of design that relates an observed need to create a solution in a dynamic team-based environment. This course focuses on ‘Functional Minimalism’ as related to Art, Design, and Lifestyle. The course aims to challenge students to apply the methods learned in class to rigorously design solutions to needs not related to our own egos. The topics covered include ergonomics, biomechanics, prototyping, comparing solutions, graphic design, videography, user studies, and presentation/writing skills. IEOR170 is designed to be a safe space for all (beginner and veteran) designers to share and propose ideas, give and receive constructive critiques, and learn how design can change the world around us. 

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