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IEOR Seminar Series: Tor Schoenmeyr, Tesla

Location: Barker Hall, Room 101

March 4 @ 3:30 - 4:30 PM

Tor Schoenmeyr

Talk Title Theoretical models and practical considerations for material planning at a large automotive manufacturer


Abstract  In this talk we will consider some common theoretical models for inventory management, namely the Newsvendor Model for safety stock and the Economic Order Quantity Model for order sizing. We will examine some of the theoretical assumptions in these models and how those assumptions may or may not be applicable in a real life automotive setting. We will also discuss some of the practical challenges involved in implementing policies that are sound from a theoretical perspective.


Brief Bio

Tor Schoenmeyr earned his PhD in Operations Management at MIT in 2008. He has published extensively on inventory management in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, and also published papers in Anesthesiology and Journal of Algorithms. Since 2012 Tor has worked for Tesla. He is currently director for material planning, logistics, and packaging engineering. As such he has broad operational responsibility to manage inventories and logistics of all the parts going into Tesla's manufacturing plants, as well as the flow of finished vehicles going from the plants and out to the customers.