Etcheverry Renovations Update

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Keith McAleer

January 22, 2016

The first phase of our Etcheverry renovations campaign is nearly complete! The goal of the campaign is to upgrade the environment in Etcheverry Hall to make it easier for everyone to collaborate, work, and learn. Creating a modern, comfortable environment will be a key element for maintaining the department's ability to attract top students and faculty, produce world-class research, and educate hundreds of students each year.

The first phase of the campaign is focused on upgrading the 4th floor, which will serve as a model for the upgrading the entire building.

The goals of the 4th renovations are as follows:

  • Create space that accommodates collaboration in the central core student offices, with meeting spaces and breakout rooms for community-building, socializing, and interdisciplinary research
  • Update the work environment by adding windows into existing central core offices, daylighting interior spaces and hallways by raising ceilings to allow exterior light into the hallways, and upgrading windows to reduce street noise
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Enhance aesthetic finishes and restrooms

Still to come for the 4th floor:

  • A new kitchenette for the graduate student offices
  • An upgraded staff lounge
  • New ceilings that will be raised to allow more natural light

Coming soon for Etcheverry:

  • A new cafe on the 2nd floor
  • Begin renovations for other floors