David Kalinowski: ‘I always knew I wanted to be an engineering leader’

The UC Berkeley Master of Engineering program boasts an impressive alumni network across many industries, from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500 companies. Alumni play an active role in the MEng program and regularly attend seminars and events at the Fung Institute to network and share career advice with the current cohort.

David Kalinowski, MEng ’13 (IEOR) is currently a Product Design Lead at Apple who recently attended the annual Alumni Brunch at the Fung Institute. We had a chance to ask David a few questions about life during and after the Berkeley MEng.

Tell me about your educational background.

I love product design and nice looking things — from a sofa to a clothing iron. I always knew I wanted to be an engineering leader. I played with a lot of Legos as a kid and took apart anything I could get my hands on.

What made you choose the MEng program?

It’s a good mix of professional and academic training. That, and unparalleled networking in the consumer product design hub of the world.

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