Class of 2018 College of Engineering Commencement Ceremony


The College of Engineering Commencement on May 15th officially commemorated an end and new beginning for the class of 2018. We congratulate every graduate for their hard work and diligence. We can not wait to see what the future holds for the UC Berkeley IEOR class of 2018. To celebrate, the IEOR department invited friends and family of our graduates to our commencement reception. We also want to acknowledge our awardees for their 2017-2018 accolades and achievements:

Departmental citation: Tyler Tucker Maxey

Outstanding ORMS Student: Jacob Bergquist

Undergraduate Faculty Award: Bryan Komala

IEOR First Year Faculty Fellowship: Heyuan Liu

IEOR Faculty Fellowship: Erik Bertelli

Outstanding GSI Awards: 

Georgios Patsakis, Junyu Cao, Alfonso Lobos Ruiz, Yang Wang

Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger: Sheng Liu

Grassi Fellowship: Matt Olfat

The Katta G. Murty Prize: Salar Fattahi

Jengyee Prize: Youstina Youssef

The Robert R. Constanza Scholarship: Irvan Arvenzia Torbett

Special thanks to our IEOR clubs, organizations and volunteers.

Alpha Pi Mu
President: Wesley Jin
Vice President and Treasurer: Susheel Krishnamurty
Corporate Liaison: Cindy Lo

President: Stella Bao
Vice President: Chad Wakamiya
Treasurer: Albert Loekman
Corporate Chair: Kaitlyn Li
Corporate Chair: Emily Garcia
Social Chair: Claire Liu
Communications Chair: Nicholas Foo
Technology Chair: David Pailet

IEOR Graduate Student Group
Erik Bertelli
Quico Spaen
Haoyang Cao
Junyu Cao
Alfonso Lobos
Han Feng
Titouan Jehl
Kevin Li

IEOR Communications Team
President: Lucie Kresl
Marketing Chair: Nicky Lofgren
Social Media Chair: Emma Hsu
Social Media Chair: Saba Abataki
Events Chair: Chad Wakamiya
Events Co-Chair: Ethan Kuo
Recruitment Chair: Smita Balaji

Photos taken during the commencement can be found here.