Berkeley IEOR at INFORMS 2022
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Berkeley IEOR walked away with several awards during the 2022 Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) annual meeting.

Professor Candace Yano was the recipient of the 2022 INFORMS President’s Award. The honor was presented by current INFORMS president Radhika Kulkarni, who served as chair of the selection committee, which included two previous INFORMS presidents. The prestigious award is presented each year to a person who has made outstanding contributions that benefit the welfare of society at the local, national, or global level. This year, The INFORMS President’s award was presented to Professor Yano in recognition of her many research contributions, her impact on educating future O.R. professionals, and for her extensive INFORMS service.

IEOR PhD candidate Mengxin Wang was a finalist in the 2022 Jeff McGill Student Paper Award for her paper, “Joint Product Design and Dynamic Assortment Optimization: Integrating Strategic and Tactical Revenue Management.” Wang also co-authored “Content Promotion for Online Content Platforms with Diffusion Effect” with UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD candidate Yunduan Lin, who received the INFORMS Best Student Paper Award in Social Media Analytics.

IEOR PhD student Jinghai He’s paper, “Scalable Reinforcement-Learning Trading Framework with Dynamic Financial Data Embedding” was selected as a finalist in the Best Student Paper Competition in Finance.

UC Berkeley student Selena Li was awarded an honorable mention in The Undergraduate Operations Research Prize Competition for her joint paper with IEOR Professor Rajan Udwani, “The Non-Markovian Nature of Nested Logit Choice.” Li was one of eight finalists for the overall competition and one of two finalists who were given honorable mentions for the award. More information about their paper is available here.

Berkeley IEOR at INFORMS – Photos

Professor Candace Yano accepting the prestigious INFORMS President’s Award

IEOR PhD candidate Pelagie Elimbi Moudio
IEOR PhD candidate Mengxin Wang accepting her finalist plaque for the 2022 Jeff McGill Student Paper Award
Pictured furthest to the right: Professor Paul Grigas during an INFORMS student paper competition
From left to right: IEOR PhD candidate Ilgin Dogan, Caleb Bugg (PhD IEOR ’22), Professor Anil Aswani, and Yonatan Mintz (PhD IEOR ’18)
IEOR PhD candidate Yoon Lee

Professor Yano with INFORMS President, Radhika Kulkarni.
Selena Li after accepting the honorable mention for her paper, “The Non-Markovian Nature of Nested Logit Choice.”

The 2022 INFORMS Annual Meeting took place from Oct. 16-19 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The meeting included numerous presentations, networking opportunities, and award ceremonies for over 6,000 participants from around the world.

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