Announcing the 2017 Grassi and Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger (MOR) Fellows

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR) has just announced the Grassi and Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger fellows for 2017.

Grassi Fellow

Yonatan Mintz has been named the Grassi Fellow. Yonatan is a fifth year PhD candidate in UC Berkeley IEOR working with assistant professor Anil Aswani. Yonatan’s research focuses on using stochastic optimization and machine learning techniques to create personalized systems to better serve individuals. A primary application of his research uses patient level data to create precision weight loss interventions that increase patient adherence. He has incorporated some of these algorithms into the Cal Fitness app which was recently covered in Berkeley Engineer. Yonatan is also interested in machine learning, stochastic control, and nonconvex optimization.

Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger Fellow

Salar Fattahi has been named the Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger fellow. Salar is a third year Ph.D. candidate working with assistant professors Javad Lavaei and Somayeh Sojoudi. His research focuses on designing and analyzing algorithms for complex and large scale optimization problems in control, machine learning, and network flows.

Both fellows will have their tuition and fees covered for the fall 2017 semester and will receive an additional stipend to help them stay focused on research.

The Grassi Fellowship is named for Raymond C. Grassi (1918-2007), one of the founding professors for the Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at UC Berkeley.

The Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger fellowship is named for Kneale T. Marshall, Bob Oliver, and Larry Rosenberger. Kneale T. Marshall received his PhD in Operations Research from UC Berkeley in 1966. Bob Oliver is Professor Emeritus for the IEOR department. Larry Rosenberger received an M.S. in Operations Research from UC Berkeley in 1974, and current serves as a research fellow for FICO and advisor for the IEOR department.