Anayancy Paz retires

On behalf of its faculty, students, and staff, the IEOR department would like to congratulate Anayancy Paz on her retirement! Anayancy has worked at UC Berkeley for 23 years, serving 11 in the IEOR department.

Before working in IEOR, Anayancy spent 10 years serving undergraduate students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Previous to that, Anayancy worked in human resources at UC Davis, where she was in charge of job postings and the weekly employment newsletter.

Anayancy’s first job in the U.S. was for Southern Pacific Railroad where she worked in accounting. Before coming to the U.S., she worked and studied in Colombia, where she grew up.

Anayancy looks forward to staying connected with Berkeley’s students, staff, and faculty, and will use her new free time to garden, travel, and spend time with her family.

Congratulations to Anayancy!

Anayancy Paz worked at Berkeley for 21 years, with 11 in the IEOR department.