Tell us about your Berkeley IEOR experience. What were some of the best memories you had here?
A great aspect of Berkeley IEOR is the small and close knit community. I absolutely loved seeing a lot of the same students in all my classes, and so made many close friends in IEOR. This community helped me through my classes via study groups and the like and made studying IEOR an enriching experience. Furthermore, I thought some of the project driven classes such as INDENG 171 or INDENG 170 were some of the most memorable, as we worked with teams on big ideas. It was almost like working in a startup!

Why did you choose Berkeley IEOR?
I chose IEOR for the business and engineering studies it offered. I did not want to study something too technical and wanted something that gave me the technical expertise but with a lot of business-related applications.

What was your favorite IEOR class and why?
INDENG 171. After being assigned in completely random teams, we were tasked with creating our own companies which solved solutions to complex problems. This was not only challenging but highly stimulating for someone wanting to know how a business is run. Everything revolved around your team which meant learning team-building was key. I will never forget the skills I learnt here.

What are your post-graduation plans? How do you see your skills from IEOR being used in the future?
I will be joining a footwear manufacturing firm- Mirza International Limited, in India, run by my family. I see the technical mindset that IEOR has given me coupled with a lot of the teamwork I did helping me in business development, from sales all the way down to running the factory.

What advice do you have for younger IEOR students?
Make a lot of friends in your classes and study along with other people! You will learn a lot and gain a community. Plus do take additional business courses that will help you apply a lot of the IEOR knowledge elsewhere.