Tell us about your Berkeley IEOR experience. What were some of the best memories you had here?
I truly made some of my closest friends in the IEOR department. There’s something empowering about feeling defeat then feat with your peers in all our shared, small IEOR classes.

Why did you choose Berkeley IEOR?
IEOR is at the intersection of business and technology. It allows us to be that bridge between the technical and business aspects of a company. Plus, the IEOR classes seemed really cool and I was not wrong!

What was your favorite IEOR class and why?
IEOR 172 (Probability and Risk Analysis for Engineers) was a challenging and rewarding class! Professor Righter was very patient and resourceful in explaining the topics to us.

What are your post-graduation plans? How do you see your skills from IEOR being used in the future?
I’m currently seeking data/business analyst roles and plan to return to get my masters after a few years working in industry! IEOR gives me the technical background to make data-driven decisions with the business impact and value in mind.

What advice do you have for younger IEOR students?
Office hours!!! Go to them!!! IEOR has some of the greatest professors.