Major: Undergraduate ORMS & Public Policy Minor

IEOR: What are your post-graduation plans (Grad school, industry, travel, etc.)?

Jim Xu: I will begin working at PwC in San Francisco but planning to pursue a PhD!

IEOR: What is your favorite IEOR class and why?

Jim Xu: IEOR 173. I have absolutely hated probability ever since taking Stat 134 (I’ve learned my lesson), but IEOR 173 places probability concepts under a new light and in applicable ways. Realizing how the concepts work feels very rewarding.

IEOR: What is your favorite Cal memory?

Jim Xu: Watching the sunset at the Campanile for the first time freshman year.

IEOR: What is your advice to younger IEOR students?

Jim Xu: Do not ever be afraid of reaching to professors; they can offer some pretty cool insights into their fields that you might want to engage more with. Also, helping your fellow peers is extremely important and rewarding!