Tell us about your Berkeley IEOR experience. What were some of the best memories you had here?
Berkeley IEOR really focuses on projects and group work. I had a lot of fun working with my class mates to solve real life problems. Working at V&A after a class at Etcheverry holds a special place in my heart.

Why did you choose Berkeley IEOR?
Since I was a child, I loved finding ways to make something easier, faster or better. I always focused on finding the best route to take or finding the best burger place in Istanbul. With its focus on optimization I knew IEOR was the major for me. UC Berkeley is a great research institution that heavily focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. As an engineering student these were qualities I valued and hence I chose Cal to study IEOR.

What was your favorite IEOR class and why?
My favorite IEOR class was IEOR 173. Learning about the mathematical aspects of queuing and the optimization process of waiting times was fascinating. As what I learned had direct application to real life situations, I became invested in the class. But most importantly I loved the class due to Professor Zheng. He is one of the best professors I have ever had Cal and taught me so much. He is also currently my senior project advisor!

What are your post-graduation plans? How do you see your skills from IEOR being used in the future?
I will be working at McKinsey Istanbul as a Business Analyst. I think my strong analytical skills due to my IEOR degree differentiated me from other candidates. I think my technical background and focus on efficiency and improvement will enable me to create strong strategies for the client. Using my skills I expect to create a real impact while working at McKinsey and hope to work in the education industry in the future.

What advice do you have for younger IEOR students?
Try to interact with professors as much as possible. They are great sources of advice. Also, IEOR has many applications and to figure out which aspect of IEOR you like the best, definitely experiment with different internships. Lastly, your friends from your IEOR classes will help you get through everything, so make sure you have plenty of them!